Engineered to The Nth Degree 360º

Jaebeom Jeong  is back. His original grid chair elicited so much reaction, we were happy to see he submitted another similar concept called the R60. Both chairs are a part of the “grid series” but this one embodies the idea and repetition of a circle. It has the same exposed skeletal structure with much less complication. This one is cleaner and doesn’t scream “I made this in ‘AutoCAD.'” The whole piece measures 1760 x 1760 x 900(h), made with stainless steel, poly carbonate sheeting, complete with an ash-black stained finish.

This reminds me, some time ago we were tossing around the idea of having a brick and mortar Yanko Design gallery – a studio space of sorts. A place where many of these ideas, concepts, and prototypes could be showcased in an interactive environment. Imagine the R60 in the middle of the room, coffee in hand, chatting with like minds about the future of design. I so approve.

Designer: Jaebeom Jeong