Ex-Nike and Adidas Footwear designer made conceptual ‘electrified’ Tesla Football Shoes!

Sure, this is a concept, but what if it wasn’t? I mean, if Tesla can make surfboards then what exactly is stopping them from making football sneakers at this point?

Former designer at Nike and Adidas, Hussain Almossawi, found himself asking the same question. As a Tesla enthusiast, what if the company with its resources, creativity, and incredibly wealthy CEO, decided to go beyond sports-cars and design sports apparel instead? The conceptual Tesla Football Shoes combine Hussain’s love for football and for the Tesla brand into one positively radiant pair of performance sportswrear.

The shoes come in pristine white, with electroluminescent fabric woven into the sides and back, creating bright lines on the side, leading to a glowing, pulsating Tesla logo at the back. Moreover, the studs on the base of the shoes glow too, making them look exceptional in the dark but even more so when you’re dribbling away with the ball, creating one of the most beautiful light-streaks as you run!

Designer: Hussain Almossawi