Not Safe for Flammable People

I’ve never fallen (asleep) in the fireplace. I bet you or a loved one hasn’t fallen into the fireplace (recently.) I bet your dogs, cats, or hamsters don’t fall into the fireplace (often.) Cedric Ragot is here to set your life on fire.

Your life, your cat, or any other accidental thing.

Or you can just warm your house.

What this item is ACTUALLY: is a chimney. It’s called “Burn Out,” and it’s definitely not made for houses with new puppies or babies or clumsy people. Wood, gloss steel, and fire. 65cm x 55cm x 55cm and dangerous.

Did I say be careful?!

Designer: Cedric Ragot


  • Its just for room warming or any other application? need to make myself sure about this design.

  • Its just for room warming or any other application? need to make myself sure about this design.

  • ZGiSH says:

    I love the smell of smoke in my house


  • saltynay says:

    It looks really gorgeous but how is it fueled? If its gas which I would guess by the non descript slide switch it wouldn’t produce smoke only water and greenhouse gases. I think its a good concept just impratical to have the fire in the centre of the room. Fire is a heat producing object they are always going to be dangerous for newborns or small animals hence why they are normally positioned at the wall and given a guard. Perhaps a guard sleeve could be made of similar design/materials that forms a flower around the central fire I envision 5 petals shaped cones that converge at the base. This could then be attached and enhance the aesthetic whilst reducing the risk of burnt flesh.

  • Eric says:

    So Im sort of confused to what it actually does? Is it meant to be another hazard in the home, or a paper weight? What need does this fill I guess is my question.

  • powers says:

    Who is the target audience for this? Shadrach Meshach and Abednego?

    Looks nice.

  • Hello, Good Morning, I would like information on the fireplace (Chimney Burn Out), where can I buy? Price? and if they sell to Spain – Canary Islands.
    Thank you and await your response soon

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