Charge Up Your Car Inside Your Car

Having a propensity for wild and crazy automotive here at Yanko Design, the GYM Concept Car comes as no surprise! Obviously very inspired by a recent gym renovation project, this vehicle tries a new combo, acting as a fully electric mobile workout center. Each workout charges the car for more driving.

A single seat machine, this vehicle is inspired by WWII fighter airplanes. Lightweight injection molded magnesium alloy chassis covered by “a minimal amount” of carbon-fibre bodywork. Inside is an electric motor and a battery pack. You can either plug batteries in or charge them yourself. While inside the car, you can use the stepping machine, rowing machine, bench press, pull-up simulator, or arm weights.

But what I want is the ability to take the battery out and charge it in the safety (both of physical and mental harm) of my own home using equipment I already own. On the other hand, what if I want to do pull-ups on the edge of the Grand Canyon without leaving the comfort of my car? I will need a GYM Concept Car.

P.S. : The GYM Concept Car is not affilliated with not probably had any contact or knowledge of the [Wellness Sky], so don’t worry about it being some crazy inspiration, for real!

Designer: Da Feng [ Via: Diseno-Art & Jalopnik ]


  • Carl says:

    single seater work out car. rubbish

  • Luiz says:

    muito bonito esse carro quanto será que custa 10 milhoes rsrsrssrsrss.

  • zippyflounder says:

    no need to coment, its self evident.

  • Tom M. says:

    if you want to exercise why not get a bike

  • BeamKirk says:

    I do not care what anyone else says, If you want to market this product you got my vote. I am a 32 year veterian of technology and I live and breathe things like this. Now, I am sure that I could not purchase this car concept, but I would be your test subject. The companies that I do work for would love to get their hands on something so futuristic and innovative. Even my kids (5) asked if this car belonged to one of my clients. You can call me the Technology Liason. If someone wants someting that has to do with technolgy, I will find it.

    Your Fan

    Got a Job Openning>?

  • Ekove says:

    I like the idea of a workout, but honestly, a bike/motorcycle powered by pedals that runs faster than a bike is better.

    What is the point of putting it in a car, while the only 2 other advantages of a car than not being human powered are gone?

    By these 2 advantages I’m talking about a big trunk and the ability to transport multiple people.


  • Andi says:

    A beautiful idea. Think of all the overweight commuters trapped into their cars every day for hours, having no time for physical exercise left. Now you can work out on your way to work and safe the environment. I would instantly get one myself with some slight changes. The work out should not distract from driving. Thus, i would suggest to replace the work out functions with simple recumbent bike mechanics, maybe add another seat (for more power and fun. I would also keep the battery driven motor for extra speed.
    Thats a dream car!

    • Henrique Staino says:

      AAAAHH I get it! So, the idea of putting a bike in the shape and size of a car is to obligate the person to spend hours in traffic (wich doesnt happen with bikes) and use those hours to exercise… VERY clever..

  • Andi says:

    I think its not a question of replacing one with another. Switch between your bike for short range and sunshine trips, take your muscle hybrid for midrange/commuting/bad weather and save your car for the other occasions where you actually need more range/space etc. ….

  • D says:

    Looks like a TAMIYA Mini 4WD

  • Greg says:


  • Coooooooooooooool love this car

  • Coooooooooooooool love this car

  • It’s something called rain and snow.

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  • Yajupa says:

    really an original idea but not very practical in my opinion

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