Charge Up Your Car Inside Your Car

Having a propensity for wild and crazy automotive here at Yanko Design, the GYM Concept Car comes as no surprise! Obviously very inspired by a recent gym renovation project, this vehicle tries a new combo, acting as a fully electric mobile workout center. Each workout charges the car for more driving.

A single seat machine, this vehicle is inspired by WWII fighter airplanes. Lightweight injection molded magnesium alloy chassis covered by “a minimal amount” of carbon-fibre bodywork. Inside is an electric motor and a battery pack. You can either plug batteries in or charge them yourself. While inside the car, you can use the stepping machine, rowing machine, bench press, pull-up simulator, or arm weights.

But what I want is the ability to take the battery out and charge it in the safety (both of physical and mental harm) of my own home using equipment I already own. On the other hand, what if I want to do pull-ups on the edge of the Grand Canyon without leaving the comfort of my car? I will need a GYM Concept Car.

P.S. : The GYM Concept Car is not affilliated with not probably had any contact or knowledge of the [Wellness Sky], so don’t worry about it being some crazy inspiration, for real!

Designer: Da Feng [ Via: Diseno-Art & Jalopnik ]