New Mac Mini Concept, OMG It’s not Boxed Shaped!

With rumors of a new Mac Mini on the horizon, designer Sait Alanyali, a proud Mac Mini user, decided to throw in his 2 cents. One of his gripes with the current machine are the I/O ports. It’s a pain to plug things in/out and so the “V” shape brings the ports within reach while keeping cables at bay. The shape also improves cooling as air moves freely thru the heatsink now that it’s not sitting on a flat surface.

Hard drives are hot swappable with one 2.5″ one installed and an empty slot to use at your leisure. There’s one HDMI port for you multimedia junkies and say bye bye to the power brick because this one has it neatly tucked inside. One last new feature is the embedded logo display. There’s a sensor inside that detects its orientation making sure the logo always faces up. Brills!

Designer: Sait Alanyali