Sanctuary You Can Wear


Shelter is paramount for refugee well-being but the unfortunate reality is that camps take an incredible amount of time to produce, especially with mass volume pouring in. When they’re finally up-and-running, personal space and comfort are hard to come by. Furthermore refugees can barely carry personal belongings, let alone a tent. This thoughtfully designed wearable shelter aims to alleviate some of these struggles by providing a personal sanctuary that moves with the user to provide comfort and security day or night, awake or asleep.

During the day, it’s an ultra-lightweight jacket that protects someone from the elements. At night, it expands into a basic tent for a parent and a child, or two spooning adults. Based on the principles of inflation and the versatility of a vest, the design is made from lightweight Tyvek material. As a wearable piece, the clothing is equipped with pockets for personal items, a hood and heat insulation. As a tent, many can be connected to one another to join people of larger groups together. Wearable Shelter is a 2016 A’Design Award Winner.

Designers: Dr. Harriet Harriss & Graeme Brooker