A Paint Palette with a Modern Twist

Have you ever heard someone say that they would love to learn to paint and create beautiful art, but have no clue about mixing colors or what brush creates which effect? Maybe you are one of those people who would like to get more in touch with your inner artist. Canadian designer Yana Kilmava has developed a conceptual product that would help the novice artist have more confidence in learning how to paint. Virtuo looks very similar to the traditional paint pallets used by artists for hundreds of years, with the added bonus of modern technology. There are no wasted paints, no confusing mixing of colors and you don’t have to be an experienced artist to create really beautiful pieces of artwork. Virtuo includes an art pallet, a charger, 5 different art tools and works by electromagnetism so no worry about quick battery loss. Even though it was designed with the inexperienced artist in mind, Virtuo can also be used by the more professional digital artists who are also experienced in the traditional forms of creating art. At the present time, Virtuo is only in concept form, but I can hope that it is made available to the public sometime in the near future.

Designer: Yana Klimava

Texts from the designer:

The palette uses Bluetooth technology for communicating with the computer.
It mimics real paint mixture techniques with LED lights. The user can also mix
dark colours due to the special coating on the palette’s surface. The amount of
paint “picked up” by the tool is determined by the amount of time the tool
spends on the mixed colour.

The tools, consisting of a pencil, paintbrush, palette knife, airbrush and pastel,
use sensors to translate the user’s gestures into visual information. Taking a
palette knife as an example, it would use pressure and accelerometer sensors to
translate its position and pressure on the screen into an appropriate stroke.

Virtuo comes with software that is based on the real painting process: minimal,
leaving the user free to experiment. Most of the time it would look like a blank
piece of canvas, with a simple drop down menu showing only when the user
wants to start a new digital painting, save, close it or open a previously started
one. The really cool thing about this software is that it would treat all the digital
materials used on the canvas as real ones. Ex. You would not be able to erase paint,
only paint over it. It would also have only a limited number of “undo” steps to
encourage the insecure user to practice by correcting rather than erasing.


  • So when and where can we buy this??? :)))

  • Keith says:

    more importantly, what is thing #1 that I should do before ordering any magazine subscription.

  • CoolProducts says:

    Very cool. Any word on the price yet? Or availability.

  • zippyflounder says:

    got some potential when touch screens come down in price. You have 2 markets, one huge (kids) the other smaller (adults) both viable. The real challenge will be the code, wheeeeeeeeeeeeee lots and lots of code.

  • Very nice!

    But, in accordance to the photo, the palette seems like it is working with an additive colour (like RGB), and real paint is a subtractive coulour system (more like CMYK).

  • fb says:

    it’s cool
    but i’ll stick with traditional paint on canvas, thanks.

  • powers says:

    Yeah, no way you could sell this for under $100 in the next five years. It is a great idea for kids – and parents who just don’t feel like cleaning up paints that day. But for adults, at least myself, I’d rather use the real thing or just a tablet.

  • t-man152 says:

    it all depends on the price. people who make a living by drawing on their computers will stick to Wacom products, and those who just want to mess around and learn how to paint will probably prefer to go out and paint. I could see this being useful and fun for kids so that they dont make a mess. if it comes out it should be cheap enough for parents to be ok to buy it for their kids.

  • zenpoet says:

    I would love to try this, and think that some amazing things could probably be created by this, but for my money, nothing beats getting messy.

    No, I am not going to start a “real art” argument akin to those deuchenozzels with Guitar Hero and Rock Band.

    Art can be created with the use of anything, I just prefer my paints to be real.

  • korybing says:

    The photo makes it look like the paint is working in the additive RGB spectrum of light (primaries of red/green/blue make white) rather than the subtractive CMYK spectrum of paint (primaries of red/blue/yellow make black). Would the palette be able to switch between the spectrums? If not this would be a pretty useless device for teaching people how to mix paints, since the light spectrum and the paint spectrum are so different.

    This is a really cool tool, though. If it’s not through-the-roof expensive it could be a really fun gadget.

  • soulfinger says:

    I don’t think anything beats real paint, but even the most hardcore artists would have to agree, creating early concept comps using virtual paint can really beat the hell out of using real paints (thus wasting money and adding more time to the process).

  • Canastrophy says:

    I can imagine that a programmer could easily do this already through a Fliptop and a Second Touchscreen in interaction via Bluetooth.

    The Fliptop has Photoshop opened up and shows the options on the top left corner, colors for combination in the middle.

    Come to think of it, I’ve seen someone use a projector and a Wii-Mote in combination for a Multitouch Whiteboard (Ok, got it: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5s5EvhHy7eQ). That could be used instead of the Big Touchscreen!

  • Sylus says:

    Pseudo design.

  • helloplog says:

    wooooooooow 😀 Amazing Great product!!!!!

    i’ve never seen before

  • chris says:

    so im assuming no ones used the paint mixed feature in corel painter? mix this with a wacom and you have the closest thing to actual painting yet. theres directional painting according to what angle and direction you have your pen, theres paint mixing as you cross colors and the paint mixer is a little thing on the side where you can mix colors real time and even get multiple colors on your brush when you want to paint that way.

    check the link

  • Shane says:

    i’d love to use this with my wacom.

  • jin_woo_han says:

    Nice cutething~ when is it available?

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  • Francisco Morales says:

    where i can get it? im really wanna know.

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