The Kid with the Flower on his Head is Sick

When you think of thermometer, if you’ve ever had your temp taken, you think first of the places you’re going to have to stick it. Considering first of the children whose temperature is taken most often, Stefano Pertago’s designed a bud for the most active grasshoppers. Here’s the Thermoplay.

Designer Stefano Pertegato sticks it to your kid’s head: “Thermoplay is a thermometer specifically designed for children, allowing the user to keep comfortable positions during themperature measure. This thanks to an atoxic syliconic adhesive that sticks to the child’s forehead. Since dust could ruin the adhesive, Thermoplay has sort of “petals” made of EVA to protect it while not used.”

I got a hot head! Break the Sprite and crackers out. I love getting sick (and staying well) in style, and in a large assortment of colors!

Designer: Stefano Pertegato