Let Your Box of Light Shine

Delft Wall Lamps were designed by David Ryan, as a tribute to famous artist Vermeer. Vermeer was known for his use of light as well as his paintings depicting the city of Delft, a place where Vermeer spent most of his life. The Delft lamps are made to form a simple box that gives off a warm and glowing light that will add just the right amount of soothing light to anywhere they are placed.

Designer: David Ryan


  • powers says:

    Didn’t I see these on Etsy? I think I’ll just appreciate the soft, soothing light that is falling through my own window at this very moment. And I’ll take the Vermeer as well.

  • mod says:

    where is this available for purchase?

  • enoo says:

    Isn’t the light a little bit greenish? Oh well, I suppose that’s just the photos/renders that gives that impression.
    But that doesn’t seem so different from a normal wall light…

  • iSH says:

    could be a nice piece to a wall, now i need one in plain light, beige, and burgundy.

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