Answer Your Doorbell From Anywhere!

I’ve said this before… the future has smart cameras everywhere. In your car (the VAVA Dash Cam), and now at your doorstep with the dbell HD live. The dbell HD live is an all-in-one video doorbell that allows you to answer your door using your smartphone! It comes with a rather advanced camera that uses audio as well as motion detection to alert you when someone’s at your door. HD video streaming with a 160° viewing angle and night vision gives you crystal clear footage of who’s at your doorstep.

You can use it with your smartphone, or any wifi enabled device, including your TV. Along with the dbell, comes an indoor alert system that you can plug into any traditional plug-point. Not only does this notify you when the doorbell has rung, it also acts as a wi-fi extender/booster, allowing you to listen to your doorbell from anywhere and even connect to your dbell (or the internet) from afar!

dbell HD live’s design is minimal, yet authoritative. Use of black, white, and silver give it a no-nonsense character, while still allowing it to look approachable. Functionality, however seems to be the strongest character in dbell’s design philosophy. It comes along with an angled viewing attachment, allowing it to face its subject even if its placed beside the door. As for the dbell, it’s literally jam-packed with features that make it arguably the best video doorbell there is. It uses wi-fi to allow you to see who’s at your door no matter whether you’re at home or even outside. It comes with an in-built intercom that lets you communicate with the people at your door. You can stream video to see what’s happening outside your door, and even record video clips (of the neighbor’s dog trespassing your lawn, or the UPS guy manhandling your couriers). Night vision ensures you get a clear view even in low-light conditions. The dbell integrates smartly with your existing home security systems, allowing you to even lock or unlock your door remotely, just through your smartphone!

The dbell HD live… The most advanced video doorbell for your home, so that when opportunity comes knocking… you’ll know!

Designer: Naz Kawsar of dbell

BUY IT HERE: $129.00 $289.00