Sony gets a Sidekick

I said it before and I’ll say it again; design mash-ups are fun. Take this latest concept by Samuel Lau. He has blended together a Sidekick Mobile phone with a PSP Slim. Why? Because he can. Looks pretty decent and features a 3.2 megapixel cam round back, full frontal webcam action and the most notable aspect. a slide-up QWERTY keyboard! I say while we are at it, why not add motion sensors, a touch screen and geo-tracking to help find and connect with other PSPers. And I want $50,000 in dimes, a get-away car and the letter M stricken from the English alphabet. You hear me SONY!?

Designer: Samuel Lau

[youtube: 468]

Texts from the designer:

-Hope to have 50,000 views and 1000 comments.
-Then i will send this video directly to Sony for consideration.
-Once i reach the target, i will make another official proposal video to Sony.
-I am also raising fund for my education which cost about C$50,000. Hope if Sony like my idea and uses it, they pay half of my education fee.
-Hope i can see the real thing before Christmas 2009 (Fingers cross)!
-So be fast, spread the words!
-Last of all: YOU can make it happen!!!