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Let’s face it, we are running out of really good beaches as fast as you can say Hilton. The days of dreaming about saving up for a lovely beach side retirement home are going the way of affordable gas and decent public libraries in America. But designer Vicente Guallart sees the less attractive coastlines of the world as an opportunity to add new appeal in the form of these “Microcoasts” hexagonal wooden islands. I am not sure the use of wood is the best material for our sobered environmental reality or how well this wood will hold up against the harsh seaside elements. It is pretty to look at though.

Designer: Vicente Guallart [ Via: Pruned ]


  • IGreenSpot says:

    from above, it looks like little pyramids on the beach

  • eric says:

    are those two by fours underneath?

  • TH says:

    Wood is perfect for that, and if e.g. heat treated would hold up against the elements pretty well. It’s also sustainable, as long as you don’t source tropical hardwoods.

    Decking can easily be too much, and very boring – I like these as the shapes and angles give it a varied look. Again, wood as a natural material works well in this.

  • Shoovi says:

    Really nice idea and useful product.
    I wish it was my project.

  • Juneau says:

    now this is a good design….Maybe Croatians should think of something like that….

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