Expocentre by Zaha Hadid

Closely located to the Moscow International Business Center (MIBC), the largest investment and construction project in Russia, and Europe as a whole, the Expocenter Project offers the city a new exposition venue, hotel, and residential development. The main function of the horizontal space is to house the exposition and conference halls. The exposition halls cantilever to the sides at the upper levels, providing for a snow-free outdoor event space; and concealing the traffic at the southern part of the building. Such a venue with 26,340 sqm net exhibition space, which is located in the center of Moscow, will be in high demand for such high-class exhibitions and events. The conference halls, located at the Eastern side of the first floor horizontal space, accommodate 3 auditoriums of different sizes, which can also combine to create one large hall of 1500 seats. The residential tower is designed as an elegant continuation of the Moscow City skyline (first a drop and then a rise), with a large vertical volume divided into two smaller shapes in order to sustain its overall slenderness.This verticality of the urban space swoops to the ground to create a main lobby that serves both as a grand social meeting space, and allows for separate entrances for the residence blocks and the hotel. The hotel rises to the 26th floor of the Western tower, with beautiful views to the Moscow City development. The 2nd and 3rd floors of the hotel complex contain a gym, a spa, and many specialized restaurants, bistro cafes and shops. The residences are located in the Eastern tower and on the top floors of the Western tower.

Architect: Zaha Hadid