Silence is Loud

I always kind of liked the old egg-crate design of acoustic dampening you see in recording studios and theaters. But this latest design by Altera Design Studio called “Accustica” may not be everyone’s aesthetic cup of tea but it sure opens up this world to more interpretation from other designers. Corian is moulded for the base layer and upper layers are CorianÆ Bas Reliefed. There is a cavity for lighting bulbs which lightens through the translucent layer of the skin. With some of the drugs flowing through the veins of today’s musicians, I would hope these patterns would do more to inspire them then have them climbing the walls naked screaming to keep the giant crab people from sucking on their eyeballs.

Designer: Altera Design Studio

Accustica aims elevation on senses of human inside the room both when the lights are on & off.


  • eric says:

    woooo corian!

  • zippyflounder says:

    With some of the drugs flowing through the veins of TI\ODATS musicians….oh come now, the musicians of 60/70/80’s had way way more drugs…jimmy hendrix anybody?

  • Sarah says:

    wow! I like ti! amazing light wall!

  • bil says:

    ok. this is random. but. if you scroll upside down on the first rendering. it kinda creates funky and wicked effect. sort of like. M.C.Escher-ish kind of effect.

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