MMMuummmuummuusssssiiiiiiiiccccc for the deaf

Before I get tons of comments as to the merits(or lack there of) of this design, hear me out. I am all for inspiring designers to help people that are not given the same gifts most of us are born with. The gift of hearing is one of those we all take for granted everyday, and designer Pierre-Antoine Bouzard is contributing his part to help the deaf of the world share and “feel” the gift of music. His headphone design called “Shake-Up!” is intended to use vibration to basically pound the crap out of deaf people’s heads. I would imagine that would feel like strapping a vibrator to one’s head.. not that I have ever done that with girlfriend’s purple one while she is at work and I am bored off my butt… I digress. Mr. Bouzard, I commend you on your nice intention.

Designer: Pierre-Antoine Bouzard