Sustainable Shopping, For Real?

Increased awareness among consumers regarding climate change sets a demand for deeper insight into the production and handling of groceries. By studying shopping patterns, informational needs, and psychological aspects, the Sustainable Shopping concept was developed.This portable handheld device not only compares nutritional values but also sustainability factors like production, packaging, and transportation. It assigns a numeric value so you can decide for yourself if this is really worth purchasing. You also use it to make your shopping lists. The device takes this information and compares it against your profile which includes information like how sustainable you want to be.

The device triples as a price checker and digital map. It overlays your grocery store’s layout and plots out everything on your shopping list. Talk about a personal assistant!

Conceptually this is very intriguing tho like many concepts, it takes a fundamental shift in how the current system works and the cooperation of companies and grocery stores alike. I’m not saying it won’t ever happen, I’m saying this is really more a paradigm concept than a device.

Designer: Martin Hanberger