Sustainable Shopping, For Real?

Increased awareness among consumers regarding climate change sets a demand for deeper insight into the production and handling of groceries. By studying shopping patterns, informational needs, and psychological aspects, the Sustainable Shopping concept was developed.This portable handheld device not only compares nutritional values but also sustainability factors like production, packaging, and transportation. It assigns a numeric value so you can decide for yourself if this is really worth purchasing. You also use it to make your shopping lists. The device takes this information and compares it against your profile which includes information like how sustainable you want to be.

The device triples as a price checker and digital map. It overlays your grocery store’s layout and plots out everything on your shopping list. Talk about a personal assistant!

Conceptually this is very intriguing tho like many concepts, it takes a fundamental shift in how the current system works and the cooperation of companies and grocery stores alike. I’m not saying it won’t ever happen, I’m saying this is really more a paradigm concept than a device.

Designer: Martin Hanberger


  • igreenspot says:

    yes it is sustainable shopping if this gadget were real, but i’m pretty sure it won’t come in cheap to have it. I keep hearing people say you need to be rich to have eco friendly gadgets (well, I must agree to some of them, solar panels don’t come in cheap), can you guys please design simple eco-friendly gadget which can help us save our planet?

    • Shilan Afshani says:

      being eco-friendly starts with individuals not waiting for others to make eco-friendly products/systems for us. Sustainability is such a new topic that many product engineers/designers don’t know how to approach it yet! Many products in the market have a Green name but literally they are not green.
      to help save the planet: buy less, buy products that last longer, don’t ask for plastic bags if you don’t really need,….

  • Keith says:

    Somebody didn’t do too good of a job wrapping that texture on the outter portion of the device, rendering-wise. And I think this concept is not too far off. We are getting something like these already in a few stores around here. You use them to scan your purchases and pay, rather than waiting in line. So I would bet we will see this tech in a few years.

  • vincent says:

    It is pretty sustainable, if you have to purchase another device just to use such a service.

    What about a java program that interfaces with the camera in your phone to read bar codes. You don’t need to carry another item with yourself, also you would be one step farther in promoting sustainability by not having to build one more device for everyone to carry around with them.

  • Lim says:

    I dont see any product design work here.Why not the designer just present us with the screen interface alone?

    This is no last time idea that can be that with nowdays iPhone. Why need another another steel frame? Stop trying to show off everything by just using a screen……

  • Shilan Afshani says:

    I think sustainability is against adding a new product to the world. To be sustainable we don’t really need to design a new product we should make the existing products/systems sustainable.
    Think if you want to produce this device for individuals. How many you would produce? 5,000 ? 100000? how much energy and resources you would use to actually make this? is it sustainable?

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