Danish Do-It-Yourself

For those of you not aware, kit cars are cars that you purchase and assemble yourself, and are usually based on discontinued cars of the past. Unlike the original cars they are inspired by, kit cars take the frame and mechanics from whatever current automobiles have close-enough specifications. So you may find a Ferrari kit car riding on Corvette frame and engine. Got it? Well, Danes are not particularly known for their auto making skills but this kit car design called SONDERGARD (yuk), is based on a Pontiac Solstice (Opel GT in Europe) and is one hell of a sweet ride. Designed by BMW alum Jesper Hermann, this future-retro racer will zip you from 0-100 kmph in about 4 seconds. Set for production in ’09, thats just enough time to borrow all the tools you will need to build your very own.

Designer: Jesper Hermann [ Via: Below The Clouds ]


  • jin_woo_han says:

    why does back logo show HP ?

  • zippyflounder says:

    wellllllllllllllllllllllll your wrong again, kit cars range from total reproductions of classic autos (shelby cobra, lotus 19, lotus super seven, jag d type to name a few) to the “reto rides” as above. As a kit car this is a unknown, for much of the value go’s beyond the appearance to the handling and quality of the kit. Good luck in any event, and be nice to see the prototype in person.

    • Thanks for the look out. I guess you missed this operative sentence in my post: “kit cars are cars that you purchase and assemble yourself, and are usually based on discontinued cars of the past.”.. the key word in that sentence is “USUALLY.”

      Thanks again for watching out for us and reading Yanko.

      • zippyflounder says:

        didnt miss it, figured you might be trying to snake by. The solstice is a ok base, but again the real value a kit presenets is its design and build quality as some of them are totaly kluge. This does have some appeal, a coupe’ version of a fatter chatherham seven (and that aint all bad) hope you kept the AC in that or made the top removeable as its going to get mighty warm in that puppy.

  • Hasan Soyer says:

    The from looks nice, but the back is ugly. It reminds me the Lotus Super Seven from the 70’s, which is also produced as a kit car today. And there is a company called Donkervoord from Holland (The Netherlands) which produces it’s own version of the Super Seven. This car reminds of them.

  • NoName says:

    The car is designed and developed with its own chassis using brand new parts from the Solstice GXP.
    It will NEVER be sold as a KIT (DIY) – But the reason why it was developed, is the lack of well designed kitcars. And it was meant to be sold in kits, but the owners of the company have choosen to go in other directions because of problems with acchieving the right quality from DIY guys. Some make it fantastic, but a few making it poor can damage the reputation.

    The car is a open car with a targa roof. the pictures are taken from a fullsize model.

    HP – I know they were sponsered by HP.
    regarding the back… hmm try google it for more pictures.

    How do I know all this? I know the guy that started the project.
    Dan Hansen

  • this is a fantastic kit car could you please email me quotes and designs of a kit car and send me the kit to build the kit car?

  • lars says:

    the comment about the HP logo was that as I understand it was that they sponsored their pressentation banners and the fact that HP sponsors BMW, but I am not sure.

  • Franco says:

    It remembers me the Panoz Roadster,but with a new technological design in the chassis

  • StephenC says:

    Wow! That's a great design. Another concept car eh. With regards to the HP logo at the back of the car, lars can be right. Maybe HP is a major sponsor. Well on the other side, I am thinking the auto parts might be powered by HP lol.

  • dan says:

    plymoth prowler? loved them when i was a kid but they are butt ugly. this one isn’t much better.

  • Zaphod says:

    “kit cars take the frame and mechanics from whatever current automobiles have close-enough specifications”

    erm no. Maybe a few Ferrari fakes built on MR2s do, but most kit cars now use a bespoke spaceframe chassis.

    Kit cars are no longer about putting a sportscar body on a VW, that was the 70s.

  • New Cars says:

    This concept car design is not so much impressive. I think The back Logo of HP is Sponsored the car design.

  • Joe says:

    You guys must not have watched F1. Yes HP is a major sponsor to BMW’s racing programme. I’m sure they also used HP software to render up the car on the computer before they actually put it together.

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