Split serves as both partition and air purifier for your space

If you live in a condo or work a lot in an office space, an air purifier is a must-have especially if you’re not able to open your windows often. Most of the time though, these devices are placed by the wall or close to the wall since you don’t want them to take up much space. It would be better though if you could place them in the middle of the room so it is able to “purify” the entire space well. So the idea is to make it multi-functional or at least integrate it into your room’s decoration.

Designers: Hyeona Cho, Seung-A Lee, Chae Eun Park

The idea for Split is to be a partition-type Air Purifier so you’ll be able to place it in the center of your room and it can also serve as a divider for your space. And of course, the main idea is that it will be able to absorb the dust and clean up the air in your workspace or living space. It looks like a very thin air conditioner and is designed to be 1200-1500 mm high so it can bring you “stable space separation” of big areas in the room.

The way it works is that it takes in the dust which is usually found on the floor and then “exhales” the clean air upwards and on the other side. There is a small display at the topmost part where you are able to turn it on and off and to adjust the air volume as well. You will also be able to see what level the indoor air you’re inhaling is at, whether it’s good or bad so you can adjust the volume accordingly. It’s also easy to clean as the two filters can be pulled out quickly on either side of the partition.

You can also connect two or more of the purifiers and they are designed to blend into your space. One side uses fabric material while the other side has a pattern type design, giving you the impression that you’re in two different but similar spaces. The product renders show three different colors: white, green, and flesh. I can see it fitting perfectly both in my home and in our office so hopefully, we do get an actual Split soon.