The Fastest Growing Grass Splits

Split Bamboo is probably one of the most sustainable products we’ve seen in awhile. The entire manufacturing process consists of harvesting and scoring the ends of the bamboo stalk. While the stalk is still somewhat pliable – pressing in the ends creates a foot stand and loops; the perfect coat hanger.

Designer: Jinhong Lin


  • Shiella says:

    Great idea…Could be a good comodity of selling. There are many bamboo at my place.

  • Lim says:

    Haha… Simple Stuff..But I dont the properties of the bamboo can do that….

    The rendering show as though the bamboo properties is like a metal sheet, able to retain the uniform shape the user like….
    I see it to be mass produced wit a plastic wood texture finnish…..Well…might be simple enough for MUJI as well hahaha 😛

    • Jinhong Lin says:

      haha…….yes, I love MUJI.

    • Jinhong Lin says:

      It is made of natural bamboo, thin bamboo wall is very important.

      • Lim says:

        Haha well… lets bring the idea a little bit further. Well i’m not sure but i still not convinced whether the bamboo will bend nicely and stays like that. Again, talking to the point of sustainability product, is this product really using a natural bamboo?

        If it is, i presume it is very light then. Tough it is strong, u might wan to widen the base or add some weight to it. And also, since it is that simple, do people can just understand the idea and DIY the product out themselves ?

        • Jinhong Lin says:

          ha…..Thank you for your comments though a bit difficult, I believe that can be done,we know everything is possible When see Apple’s product design.

          • Ian says:

            Apple is related to this how? You think this product is possible because Apple can make a seamless, unsustainable product? What a load of BS.

  • Lim says:

    Haha yah…. Must always be positive…. 😀 Nice talking to you…

  • Ivana says:

    very nice…but is it stable?
    it’s just bamboo…

  • Michael says:

    Awesome idea. Question the size of the base, tho. A couple bags and a few coats should easily topple this stand. Make the base wider and it looks like a great product. And compostable…very cool!!!

  • christofay says:

    The consumer market and the power of the Chinese to do business are too great to consider that bamboo is a green material.

    A couple of weeks ago my company was exhibiting at the Hong Kong Housewares Fair. The man in the booth opposite our small space said the cost of bamboo has doubled this year. All of the suitable bamboo has been harvested in three provinces, Guangxi, Fujian and Guangdung. Now harvesting has moved on to Hunan. Of course the bamboo will grow back, how long will that take? 8 years?

    Perhaps we shouldn’t buy any bamboo consumer products for a few years.

    As to the coat tree, of course, make the base bigger, 30 cm +. A couple of big coats and loaded bags will bring that thing over.

    • Tyler says:

      Bamboo is a grass that can grow over a foot a day in its early stages. It is highly renewable. in fact a bamboo “forest” can regrow itself in less than 3 years as opposed to 15-23 in a “hardwood” forest.

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