Luminous Beams Glow In The Dark Threads

ETree is an interactive electroluminescent floor lamp that invites the user to interact by moving and playing with its strands. The effect is very similar to slow shutter photography of people waving around lights.

The lamp has ten luminous branches which can be arranged to suit any environment, creating different ambient lighting solutions. It can be set up as an individual piece or visually interact with neighboring objects.

Designer: Jesus Felipe & Silvia Grimaldi


  • Yoshihito Kobayashi says:

    Nice to meet you.
    I was impressed to see an article of [ETree].
    I am a Japanese. I did a company of a small company. I cannot speak English. I wrote this mail in translation soft.
    I was interested in [ETree] very much.
    Does this [ETree] move in response to something? I want to take the Video so. And I want to introduce it to much Japanese USER.

    December 10.2007 Yoshihito Kobayashi

  • Briane Kerr says:

    I am doing a project and i want to know if this gadget is for sale now or in the future and i would like to know how much it sells for.

  • Christine says:

    I just have to say that this is a fantastic piece of artwork. *clap clap*

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