Italian Speed Racer

Ok, we realize this is the second auto post in as many days, but this story was too good to let go by unnoticed. It seems unbelievable, but what you are looking at is a concept design introduced by Italian auto dreamers SpadaConcept. The unbelievable part is that it has just been announced this very non-traditional design is actually going into production. I wont bore you with such mind blowing performance details as a zero to 60 mph time of 2.7 seconds, or the fact that this dream machine will sell for around $400,000 US. What I will ask you to notice is the set of balls these designers must posses. Check out the airplane inspired tail, the glass canopy and flush headlights. This thing makes Speed Racer look like a Honda Civic.

Designer: SpadaConcept [ Via: AutoBlog ]