Wine of the Times

Listen, you are not in college any longer and it’s about time you started cleaning up your act. Stop wearing the same underwear more than two days in a row, learn to cut your finger nails and not consider them a food group, and certainly stop drinking your “de-stresser” out of the bottle. While we wait for you to actually use soap and water to clean your dishes, we present the “Vinho Verde” wine bottle concept. This design should, for the moment, exonerate you from your crusty goblets. The simple premise by Viktor Pucsek for PapaMama Design Competition, is that wine should be enjoyed anytime. By incorporating folded paper cups into the bottle itself and also using these cups as the bottle labels, he has successfully brought the idea of spontaneity to our wine “aficionado-ing”(made up word, what do you think?). No word on where he is hiding the corkscrew, but his sort of reminds me of those single portion breakfast cereal boxes that you cracked opened and poured milk into… yeah, I hated those. Never mind. Cheers! and watch for paper cuts.

Designer: Viktor Pucsek


  • MF'08 says:

    interesting idea,
    i like it

  • MF'08 says:

    interesting idea,
    i like it

  • ModuleS says:

    As a picnic lover this is a very convenient design, now I don’t even need to be bothered with bringing any wine glasses yet alone the hassle of washing them after we are done with it.

    My question is how does folded paper cup affect the taste of the wine and how many cup can be created? From the picture above, my estimate is that of three.

  • billy says:

    i think that this will alter the taste, and experience of wine drinking. it is hardly a classy way to ‘wine and dine’ a beautiful women, and i would certainly pack wine classes.

    however this could be some humorous fun with the lads, with the aim of getting slashed. under these circumstances one paper cup per bottle, please.

  • MacGuffin says:

    This Bottle can not be produced with standart procedures.
    My Suggestion: buy foldabe glass that you dont need to throw away.

  • SneakerFiend says:

    I dont see this useful at all. Now wont the paper cups actually give it a bit more flavor???
    Like bread in paper bags than in plastic bags has a better taste or am i the only person that’s ever heard that.
    I think its a bad idea all around because the plastic will eventually start coming off of the paper and then we all have a moist cup thats dripping your cheap wine onto your furniture. I say cheap because if you can afford high class wine you should ATLEAST have a dixie cup in the vicinity.

  • frigg says:

    What problem does this purport to solve? Are glasses or cups such a rare commodity, that the inventor imagines a world with infinite bottles of wine and nothing to pour them into? What strange apocalyptic event rids the world of its cups, and leaves everything else intact, making something like this even remotely useful? Is DARPA working on a EMP-like weapon that rids adversarial nations of their wine glasses?

  • tyskkvinna says:

    They should make them out of plastic instead of paper. And then, I can see this being marketed towards picnics or other such outings.

    Not exactly classy, but I can certainly see people buying it. Hmm, I’d probably buy it once just to have the amusement for an evening.

  • ulaq27 says:

    This reminds me of Coppola Sofia in the 8.5z can with a straw. It ain’t for swilling white zinfindel at the red lobster, but its great for that impromptu picnic in the park. Back country skiing. This way you do not have to drink out of the bottle in front of your lady friend. This is not for fine dining. After you piss in the cup you dump it out and throw it in a plastic bag. Easy to pack in and pack out. It really solves a lot of issues.

  • Zampik says:

    Can you tell me How Would You Produce This Bottle? Did you make a research on possibilities of manufacturing. Everyone would send you immediately home with this concept. You are making more problems then you solving. well you do not solving any.

    And drinking wine from paper cups? already plastic one is disgusting. well depend on what kind of wine.

    Strange idea.

  • powers says:

    As for manufacturing, of course it is possible, however, the mold cost cost would probably double. The key to remember though is that with the right spin it could be sold at a premium; a good deal of a wine’s price point is in the spin and label…

    You know what we called you guys in design school? Shooter-downers.

  • chetan sorab says:

    Clever. Would love if the paper glass could stand.

  • ConcepTrends says:

    I think wine should be drinken from real glases, not paper cups! This concept offends the wine itself.

  • Viktor Pucsek says:

    Thank you for sharing you thoughts with me. Let me reflect on your critics.

    Dear Wineadmirers,
    Yes, I admit paper or plastic glass may change the taste of the wine but the green (table) wine in is such a commodity among the people of Portugal just like Coke among Americans. It’s not that bad that it isn’t worth to drink it out of a glass cup, but it doesn’t matter that much.

    Truly this type of shape may be hard to produce. That is why I came up with an another version which have two plastic rings holding the paper cups. That one wasn’t published unfortunately, but I’ll send some detailed designs if you’d like to.

    What sense this product makes?
    Spontaneity, acting on will, carpe diem. You just grab it from the shelf and go to the park or to the wild.
    The cork – you can remove it manually just like a champagne cork. Civilized wine drinking is still pouring the vinho into a glass or a cup, not the fanfare style ;).

    Otherwise I think it is a good marketing formula and as an integrated, compact product it still could sell itself because it is fresh and funny.

  • Yelle says:

    quite a good idea, most of all for students and tourists, who finally would have the opportunity to have a few drinks in a park without having to think about glasses and cork remover.

  • Jessie says:

    Amazing. Wonderful. I want one, or two or three..

  • XAvi dua says:

    Why not drink directly from the bottle, which is the problem? It’s cheap

  • Viktor says:

    For example because this is more hygienic.

  • carl says:

    the thought of drinking from a plastic cup has me wanting to give up drinking..

  • Erica says:

    I didnt understand how the cup works. o.O
    but I love the idea *_*

  • teajin says:

    it’s cool

    I like wine so I go to picnic with wine

    glasses is very incovenience.

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