Wine of the Times

Listen, you are not in college any longer and it’s about time you started cleaning up your act. Stop wearing the same underwear more than two days in a row, learn to cut your finger nails and not consider them a food group, and certainly stop drinking your “de-stresser” out of the bottle. While we wait for you to actually use soap and water to clean your dishes, we present the “Vinho Verde” wine bottle concept. This design should, for the moment, exonerate you from your crusty goblets. The simple premise by Viktor Pucsek for PapaMama Design Competition, is that wine should be enjoyed anytime. By incorporating folded paper cups into the bottle itself and also using these cups as the bottle labels, he has successfully brought the idea of spontaneity to our wine “aficionado-ing”(made up word, what do you think?). No word on where he is hiding the corkscrew, but his sort of reminds me of those single portion breakfast cereal boxes that you cracked opened and poured milk into… yeah, I hated those. Never mind. Cheers! and watch for paper cuts.

Designer: Viktor Pucsek