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At first glance you might think you are looking at the latest innovation in DJ mixing boards, but look again. This is literally the hottest technology innovation you will find all month. The Izona CookSurface (a.k.a. “Project Luna”) by Fisher & Paykel is a new and welcome direction in the art of boiling water. The stove top surface features never before seen ideas like retractable gas burners that disappear below the surface when not in use, making for easy clean up of the frameless black glass surface. Another practical innovation is their patented “Aero” burner technology that assures even heat distribution at never before seen low settings. I don’t know about you, but I like my food to burn really slow, so this helps. Interesting note, there are only three burners on this stove top. Fisher & Paykel’s research has shown that most of us only use a max of three burners at any one time. I like to call this feature the “Carpe Diem” design, because now you can never put anything on the back burner. Also, no more forearm burns reaching to the back burner to stir your stew.

Designer: Fisher & Paykel [ Via: Born Rich ]


  • Clarify says:

    “That’s hot..” – Paris Hilton

  • TH says:

    I like the retractable burners and overall looks, but the whole thing looks like a table space -waster. The 2-by-2 format has its merits….

    • Dan says:

      mmm… I dont like the retractable burners if they automatically hide when not in use. If you’ve ever tried to clean a stove, you should know that the burner and the supports would also need cleaning too right? This design would make it so that every time the burner and stand go into the table, it creates a mess on the inside of the stove where those parts are held. Also, I think it might be a lil harder to clean the small knobs that act as stands. Just something that could make or break a design idea.

  • blueness says:

    After using a Thermador range for a number of years (and generally being frustrated with its design), I’m diggin’ this. Not only does it look easy to clean but, the space allowable between burners provides plenty of room for the monster pots I use to “brew” a family sauce recipe for the holidays.

    Keep it up!

  • Shady says:

    I don’t know WTF “TH” is talking about when saying it looks like a table space waster… unless “TH” has never owned a stove top before. If anything, it is saving a lot of counter top space compared to the conventional 4-burner stove tops.

    I totally love the design and want one NOW!
    I’d be happy even if the burners did not retract, but having that feature is an added boon.

  • sens says:

    Does anyone here know where i can purchase this luna cooktop?
    I sell kitchens for a living in Holland (europe) as a salesmanager and i must have this Luna for my own kitchen! The last 2 months i have tried to gain some information on it but i cant find anything here in Holland about this cooktop..

    Pls contact me at [email protected]


  • Henrique Staino says:

    I’m a cook, and when I look at a cooktop like this, all I can think of is “this is not ment for anyone who wants to really cook a decent meal.” Nor it was projected by anyone who has ever cooked.

    It looks real nice, and has some serious concepts, but in one month the burners will be completely dirty, since the best shot you’ve got to clean them is when they’re lit. And I think the burners are too small. You can’t boil 10 litres of water or broth with that fire.. not with people waiting, anyway.

    But, what the hell, its good to make tea, to toast bread, to fry an egg, to show it to your friends. Wanna cook? Buy an industrial stove. Lack the space? Buy a Lofra and be happy.

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