Mother Nature’s Business Card

Every year, here in the U.S., during the Christmas holiday season, televisions airwaves are filled with commercials for some of the silliest gift ideas ever invented. Year after year we are inundated with ads trying to get you to succumb to the charms of legendary products like the magnetized “miracle-cure” bracelet, 9/11 Commemorative Collectable Coin, US Civil War Chess Sets and the king of all useless items, the Chia Pet. In case you are not familiar with this icon of campy fun, the Chia Pet is a ceramic head, on which you would plant a packet of seeds and grow a natural green head of green hair. It was an absurd idea at best but had a certain innocent charm that continues to sell well year after year. It might have been this yearly brain washing that inspired this “Another Bloomin’ Designer” business card by Jamie Wieck. The lucky recipient of this business card is treated to an extra feature not commonly found on most business cards…life! Just soak the bottom of the card, wait four days and voila! You got green!

Designer: Jamie Wieck