Foosball On Steroids

As if foosball wasn’t demanding enough designer Elia Marinucci had to go make one that uses magnets, audio commentary, and electric shocks! On either end of the table is a button which activates magnets along the field changing the ball’s path. To top that off, corner pinball bumpers knock the ball around and the final uber move is the KICK IT! (also the game’s name) which generates an electric pulse if you manage to knick your ball hard across the field.

Designer: Elia Marinucci


  • Fr3ak says:

    And also, all the players are the same color…

  • AG says:

    I think leather hand straps should be added to tie all the players to each of the hand levers. When the other team scores, it shocks their opponent. Otherwise, as the title says; this is foosball on steroids.

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