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There are two steps I take before venturing outdoors. Sunscreen, and a mosquito repellent. The sunscreen is more of a precaution, but there’s a whole world of regret that awaits you if you skip out on the mosquito repellent. What if, like you do indoors, you could push a button and drive the mosquitoes away? That was pretty much the design brief behind the Radius, a portable mosquito repelling gizmo that gives you a 110 square foot zone of safety from nasty bites, terrible rashes, and diseases.

The Radius was designed to give you instant safety from the rising tide of mosquitoes outdoors. With temperatures rising across the world, mosquitoes end up breeding faster and living longer, not to mention the birth of new diseases practically every year. The aim of Radius was to be a quick-action and long-lasting solution to other mosquito repellents. No more sprays and creams, or mosquito repellent tags that just work for half a day. The Radius protects every inch of your body from mosquitoes at the literal press of a button. Its repellent creates a 10ft. wide spherical barrier against mosquitoes (enough to protect 2 or more people), while the battery on the inside can power up the repellent for up to 40 hours.

Radius uses an EPA-approved advanced pyrethroid that is highly effective, scent-free and is activated at a low temperature. It comes with a battery that powers it when you need it and shuts it off when you’re back indoors. The device protects every inch of your self without needing to spray or apply repellents (which works great for people with sensitive skin), and with a battery life and refill life of 40 hours, it’s great to use over weekends… Now only if there were a convenient, switch-powered sunscreen device to match!

Designer: Motiv

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Radius uses an EPA-approved pyrethroid active ingredient. Pyrethroids are based on a naturally occurring repellent found in the chrysanthemum flower. This natural repellent from the chrysanthemum flower has been used to fight insects for millennia – dating back to ancient Egyptian times.

A lithium-ion battery powers an internal heating element that silently warms and activates the repellent. Once activated, the repellent disperses to create an invisible zone of protection that keeps mosquitoes from entering into your outdoor space. And it works continuously, releasing fresh repellent to maintain the zone of protection around you.


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Click here to Buy Now: $40.00 $50.00