Another Touchscreen Phone But Wait, This One Has A Surprise!

Check out this concept mobile phone called the Mooon+. One too many “o’s” in there but I appreciate the clean design. It’s got that big gorgeous touchscreen, sleek design, sexy metal accents, and a digital camera. So what’s the big deal right? The mouth piece detaches and turns into a bluetooth headset. Ooh snap, I love it!

Designer: Sunman Kwon

Text from the designer: an innovative communication device which has separable bluetooth headset equipped, and also able to attach the headset to the phone when it’s not in use, simultaneously charging itself.


  • Thrystan says:

    Great idea with the incorporated Bluetoth headset. Is it just me or is the phone’s design a combination between some sort of PSP Phone and iPhone? Blogged about it here !

  • travon moore says:

    this is the best design ive ever seen on here… if that was a real phone i would get it… did you make it….. what program do you have that make them look so real. please email me please….

  • dude says:

    same here, PSP(TM)+iPhone(TM)+Jawbone(TM)?

  • AG says:

    Exceptional model making or 3D model… I can’t even tell. Hats off

  • WILL says:

    good idea!

  • klamerus says:

    This is brilliant from so many angles:

    1 – the headset is with the phone. You don’t accidently leave it in your car or something.

    2 – pretty easy for the technology to “understand” whether you want to be using the phone or the headset.

    3 – built-in charger via the phone means one less damn cord/adapter to drag around.

    4 – one would have to hope the two would be compatible and maybe even auto-pair.

  • Moofa says:

    This kind of phone already exists.

  • akmarksman says:

    thats cool..and WAAAY better than an iphone..

  • Out2gtcha says:

    This is brilliant. Can’t think of the times when I either HAD my BT headset with me when I was in the city or whatever so didn’t need it, or NEEDED it and didn’t have it with me; or it was dead. I truly hope this concept makes in into the cell phone mainstream.

  • tgwaste says:

    I thought of this years ago.. should had gotten a patent 🙂

  • MrBlahBlah says:

    wow. great idea. i can’t believe that no one has thought of this yet.

  • her0hua says:

    china NB…

  • chetan sorab says:

    Neat and very resolved.

  • Inc0gNic says:

    Please someone take this great model and bluetooth idea and start the production lines ! I’ll be first in line to buy it (well… not for extravagant prices but I’m up for a bid if this one turns up somewhere !).

    Great sleek design and the simple detach-plug-in-your-ear idea is sheer product smartness !
    Please MARKETEERS !!! Start commercialising this pearl of a smartphone !

  • ihimlen says:

    I’m wondering what the leather strap at the back is for? It sort of spoils the whole thing

  • Jeff says:

    great idea and the most important thing is the excellent design

  • designer says:

    copy man!

  • Lee Joo Ryeong says:

    Oh, I love it !! Simple and so modern.
    I wish that someone start to prodution this phone in korea.
    whatever, this phone’s designer is korean too!
    Greeting !!

  • duhuj says:

    I want it

  • reginaldo says:

    Show de bola esse celular, pena q no brasil será dificil de ve-lo……………..

  • Gurshant says:

    please tell me of a place where i can bu this my email id is [email protected] please contact me !! I want this phone !!! Thanxxx

  • Bard says:

    Dear Sunman Kwon,

    I have a manufacture plan of Deep Love of Coffee which you dont need to pay any cash, I hope you will be interested, and please contact me by mail.


  • Bard says:

    Dear Sunman Kwon,

    My mail is dreamwork [ at ]


  • Sho Samuel says:

    SERIOUSLY THOUGH, I’d like to HAVE IT right right now……did i say now..I mean RIGHT RIGHT NOW…like as of yesterday…The design the capabilities…I dont even like ppl who use blue tooth and that concept would make me into the very ppl I’d like to knock out sometimes. I love it…..Keep up the FANTASTIC work….awesome….and if it does come out please email me..PLEASE.

  • Yo says:

    Travon more, and AG . I think the name is ” photography” …

  • BEN says:


    i want to send me model name and brand name this cell phon….


  • Rono says:

    I love the built-in, removable bluetooth head set.
    However, I’m not too fond of the design.
    It does look very ‘PSP meets iPhone.’

  • His_wife58 says:

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  • Alex says:

    this phone is awsome
    i love it
    i want to have it right now
    how iz it possible to get one
    email me back pleaze

  • Terao Kumiko says:

    I feel one of your ads triggered my internet browser to resize, you might well want to put that on your blacklist.

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