Kiwis Have Nuts…

I don’t usually like to question anyone’s artistic expressions on any level, but I think flying into Wellington International Airport in New Zealand is about to get a little nutty. Festering on the tarmac will be what appears to be a pair of giant crushed walnuts waiting to welcome you to Middle Earth(Lord of the Rings reference…try to keep up.) Designed by Studio Pacific Architecture and Warren and Mahoney (yes, more than one mind OKd this design), this new $39 million expansion of the Wellington International Terminal is lovingly dubbed “The Rock”. What “The Plop” was taken? or “The Scrotum”?, how about “The Rejected Chocolates”? any way you look at it, it is certainly an attention grabber. If Wellington wanted on the design map, they are on it like a steaming pile of poop. Go ahead, tell me how wrong I am, extoll its virtues and wax on about its architectural significance. Art is supposed to evoke emotion and this design clearly has me emotional.

Architect: Studio Pacific


  • Rony John says:

    Are those showroom exhibitions.. ??

  • blackwasabi says:

    something different and exciting i suppose

  • jas says:

    maybe its just the color that has you all emotional, it might look better in a turquoise

  • simon says:

    Aren’t we being just a wee bit silly? That’s just an understatement i like to use when i mean: what the hell is going on? Who thought of this, and then thought it was a good idea? And who agreed with them? How did it get to this level? What is the meaning of having two crushed walnuts greet you as you land at Wellington airport for a start? I’m a kiwi and that means nothing other than perhaps a giant April Fool’s prank done by students, referring to testicles, that would shortly be taken down by Police and disposed of at the parents of the students involved…
    Oh, and it’s ugly, hideously ugly. Come on people, speak up if you don’t like it. Or speak up if you feel you do…

  • kevin says:

    I see what you mean dude – ‘…at the COST of the parent’s involved…’

    Yep, it’s ugly. Please tell me they’re not building it. Let’s wait until something is suggested that’s not only ‘radical’, but has redeeming features about it, and is pleasant to behold. This is just lazy. Sensational in the wrong way.

  • Shoovi says:

    Is it inflantable construction?

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