Born to be Mild!

Some green concepts make their environmental statements by incorporating sustainable materials or technology, others simply draw attention to the issue by their design. Then there is “The Thunderbolt” Scooter Concept by Henrik Björkman. Though there is nothing groundbreaking about an electric scooter, my grandmother had one after all, there are a few interesting features behind The Thunderbolt Electric Scooter. The electro-magnetic power train is neatly housed in the rear wheel itself. Where one would normally find liquified dead dinosaurs, you can now store an alfalfa sandwich and herbal tea, where one might find a Earth unfriendly combustible engine, there is a huge gapping hole. This hole, or “anti-engine,” is a not-so-subtle protest against all combustible engines and does a pretty fair job of making us re-evaluate the way we look at modes of transportation and their form factors. With a range of about 70 kms on a three hour charge, you can easily “get your (non)motor running…and head out on the highway…”

Designer: Henrik Björkman


  • Canastrophy says:

    Wouldn’t it make more sense to put the motor into the front wheel?

    • guest says:

      If you want *no* traction whatsoever… front wheel drive only makes sense on cars, never on a two-wheeler.

  • Chris says:

    hm.. a motor (in any way) has mass, mass means inertia, inertia in a wheel is bad (mass – spring system) and makes the ride less joyful. sorry, had to say it.

  • MINIX says:

    cool design for a scooter..

  • AG says:

    Love the anti-engine window. Nice romantic idea.

    Could maybe have optional plexi/clear plastic windows that could shut, and then the negative space could act as storage.

  • João Al&eacut says:

    Muito bom, Gostaria de saber onde comprar um….

  • João Alécio Poletto says:

    Muito bom, Gostaria de saber onde comprar um….

  • Paul says:

    Where’s the front suspension?……. and the rear suspension and wheels look WAY to flimsy to actually carry any load, design is great but it has to WORK.

  • Johan says:

    Well the suspension in the front is to be “built in” the front fork, as he explained it to me.

  • isak says:

    nice bike! and I think when the zincair-battery comes to reality it can become a cheap moped/scooter keep up the good work!

  • Luis Re says:

    I wan´t one of these

  • JES says:

    I like it. As my bro would say fo shizzle dat my ride yo rada

  • Aaron says:

    looks very smart

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