Hands-free Tie, Classy

Tired of hearing people say, “do you have me on speakerphone?” or how about “why is it echoing?” Avid hands-free headset users know the drill and no matter how sensitive the mic is, truth is the ear is just a tad too far away from the mouth. The Tie Up concept is a solve to that problem by placing the mic right below your mouth. Slide it up the lanyard to answer and conversely slide down to hang up. 

Designer: Wooteik Lim


  • Avin says:

    how do you control volume ?
    if according to the diagram, it’s shaking the device to the left or right.
    If that is the case… than i believe it won’t work as this is something you wear, left hanging. there will be a lot of movement, as we walk, drive, or just talk…, body movement.
    And as Bluetooth try to et smaller and more discreet, this device looks huge.
    Wait i don’t think this is a bluetooth device.. do you wear it with your phone dangling ?

  • Anna says:

    But this doesn’t stop the problem of it looking like you’re talking to yourself.

  • van daele says:

    Wooteik Lim – hands-free – Tie – Up

  • David says:

    Are any of these products for purchase? in production?

    Thank you

  • Very nice design. We are seriously interested. Where is the speaker? How is it powered? Please contact ne ASAP.


  • aerodinamik says:

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  • Yo says:

    i dont understand your presentation, is it a whole thing or half of it ?

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