The Sound of Bamboo

Bears like it so why not humans? This bamboo inspired stereo looks good (ignore the pink) and thru the natural acoustics of cylindrical objects, sounds good too. But it’s not just nature-ry, it also has every accoutrement a technophile would want. Think wifi enabled, wireless speakers, integrated LED screen, MP3 line in, remote desktop syncing, radio, and yes – cd player.

There are 3 parts to the whole system. You have you right/left channel wireless speakers, a base station that houses the subwoofer, and a control ring. Now you could attach everything and use it as a standalone stereo or connect the speakers together with the control ring. A single charge should give you 12 hours. The control ring between them contains the basic music controls. The base station can also wirelessly sync music with your computer, should you be the anti-cd type.

Designer: Soohyuk Im