Spherical Mobile Office

Michiel van der Kley, has been producing designs since 1987. His latest design, Globus shows van der Kley’s creativity and imagination. Globus is a multi-functional mobile office with a twist, or sphere more like it. Closed, Globus will attract the most curious of spectators, and open, it reveals its’ real, creative function. Half of Globus is a comfortable swivel, seat, while the other half is a usable, adjustable table which can be used for a laptop or whatever the need may be. With hidden wheels to make Globus mobile, once opened up, the wheels are locked into place. Globus is available in a variety of shades and colors.

Designer: Michiel van der Kley [ Manufacturer: Artifort & Gispen ]


  • paul sandip says:

    Quite interesting! 🙂

  • jin woo han says:

    Great design. I hope it is placed in public place!

  • TH says:

    Brilliant design. They could be useful at airports, stations, libraries, lobbies etc. where the need for spaces to work for a while meets the need for being able to use the space in a dynamic and flexible way.

  • Weatherman says:

    It’s a pretty interesting concept but it lacks a few tidbits that would make it practical, and the ergonomics look abysmal. Ultimately it doesn’t do anything that a TV dinner tray wouldn’t do.

  • Colin Joss says:

    As they still need to improve the practical issues of this product, I think it is good & genuine enough, so it will be truly useful.

    Colin Joss
    East Lothian, Haddington
    United Kingdom

  • cati says:

    It seems uncomfortable but its compact aspect is attractive

    • Colin Joss says:


      That is why I mention they need to improve practical issues. Being attractive product to use in public, would be absolutely best step to start, but afterwards it is the contents and features that will determine continuity of using this item. Don’t you agree? 🙂

  • Colin Joss says:

    Let us just hope the product will be in public very soon.
    I just want to try it to see the benefit from actual user perspective.

  • alex says:

    Frankly, it looks dorky

  • Region2 says:

    This has a lot of potential to be a good idea, though it might be more difficult for the larger members of society–me (how can I be Asian and not be lithe and slim, but built like a linebacker). I’m not too thrilled about the spherical shape though, it’s a little 80’s excess and faux futurisitc for my tastes. Perhaps a cube would be less attack of the pod people.

  • abhishek sri says:

    very interesting , jst wandering is the handling that easy and mobile , arent these much heavy …

  • RustnEver says:

    I could not get on with any actual work in one of these, I’ll be too conscious of people starting at me!

  • tanga says:

    good design!!!!

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