Wet Umbrellas No More

The umbrella is an incredible invention but nobody has a way to prevent a wet dripping umbrella from creating a mess in your house. We’ve settles for umbrella stands that catch the water or my method, leave it outside. The Inside Out Umbrella solves this problem by fully inverting into a small bag. All the wet drippy stuff stays inside. Just brills.

Designer: Seung Hee Son


  • Avin says:

    beautiful…. great idea !!!

  • paul sandip says:

    is this a prototype…or a concept?

  • Freshome says:

    Always great ideas from Japan. 🙂

  • xiles says:

    Designer is a Korean. Not from Japan.

  • wow, it’s amazing~! ^^

  • Aaron says:

    Umm…. ok, it looks like a cool idea, but what about mildew? Wouldn’t a better name be the “rot in a sack umbrella”?

  • jonathan says:

    I kind of agree with aaron.. i would be a little affraid of this thing ending up like you stole some celebs little wet dog or something… but i am sorry to be negative becuse i really like the design..
    i know that my gf would much rather carry a cute little bag than some ugly umbrella stick.. congrats!

  • ptipons says:

    Heu… it’s cool but …

    Where do you put your items when you have to put them of the bag ?

    • JOCADESA says:

      Of course you need to carry another “real purse” besides this fashioned and useless bag. isn’t it silly? jeje

  • dj jino says:

    You really make a good point about wet umbrella~.
    i wanna take to bring this idea to market. nice product! ssong ssing .

  • Sungwoo Park says:

    wow~! It’s so cooool~! Good idea

  • melon says:

    How can I contact with this designer?

  • eddie says:

    it is not from japan. Looking at the name of the designer, he/she is most probably a Korean

  • seung hee son says:

    This is my design. I’m a korean not from japan ^-^

    • seung hee son says:

      To find out more, contact me ^0^ [email protected]

      • shirley says:

        Hi there Mdm Seung, may I know what inspire you to this design? Another question is can this product be found in any market? Maybe in Korea or Japan?

    • 이은옥 says:

      SBS 있다!없다? 플러스

      가방 우산이 재미있고, 기발해서
      방송에서 소개를 하고파
      이렇게 글 보냅니다.

      글 보시고
      연락 좀 부탁드릴게요

      이은옥작가 011-9814-0614

      꼭 좀 부탁드립니다^^

    • 이은옥 says:

      SBS 있다!없다? 플러스

      가방 우산이 재미있고, 기발해서
      방송에서 소개를 하고파
      이렇게 글 보냅니다.

      글 보시고
      연락 좀 부탁드릴게요

      이은옥작가 011-9814-0614

      꼭 좀 부탁드립니다^^

    • orna schneid says:


      My name is Orna and I’m writing for an Israeli design magazine called “NISHA”.
      Currently I’m writing an article about dual purpose objects and would like to ask your cooperation in sending me some info. and hi-res. visuals of the “umbrella bag”.

      Please let me know of this is possible,

      Best Regards,
      Orna Schneid

  • Region2 says:

    One of the greatest observations I ever heard was that though technology has advanced so far, umbrellas (such a necessary device) has hardly progressed from its original design. It still doesn’t provide enough covering and your legs end up damp or wet. This idea though is lovely. It won’t keep you drier any better, but I wouldn’t worry as much when I bring it inside a store or a restaurant. As for the comment on the rain rot, just let it dry like normal, how hard is it to learn to take care of the stuff you own.

    As to Seung Hee Son, from a fellow Korean: bravo!

  • emmacska says:

    I love this ideea 🙂

  • CHU SAU CHUN says:

    TO : 銷售部


  • jenn says:

    i verry like this umbrella . how money this one ? numbrella/
    n . have this umbrella in hongkong?

  • ilvafal says:

    OK it’s maybe a great idea but what do you do with your things when you transform your bag in umbrella?
    sorry for my english.

  • Michelle says:

    Um, guys, you carry the umbrella bag *in addition to* your regular purse.

    I think this is quite possibly the greatest idea EVER! Just today, I soaked my jeans by brushing against the side of my umbrella after I had taken it down and gone inside. This unique idea really solves the whole problem! I can’t wait till it’s available in stores. I will be first in line to buy one!

  • sunny says:


  • kissdevil says:

    I like it. I want to own one. It’s a good idea.

  • teresa says:



  • hamncheese says:

    To those who are worried about things like mildew or bugs…uhm, here’s a thought: empty out the water into a sink when you get in? Just saying…

  • Renfee says:

    will it be smelly and always wet? How to dry the umb in such bag?

  • alone says:


  • iron says:

    hello,Seung Hee Son
    i love this design
    it’s useful and the little bag is cute
    how much is it?
    and how can i buy it?

  • REGA says:

    Génial !

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  • Micah Whiswnhunt says:

    Or, ya know… *sniff* a water proof umbrella could work too…

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  • Irma says:

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