A Modern Tweak to an Age Old Structure

I remember as a child, I used to love going to the library. Checking out books was a fun Saturday afternoon memory. Now, in the age of technology, and the internet, the library is losing its’ luster as people search for their knowledge on the net. However, in Singapore, the Bishan Community Library still entices both young and old to pass through its’ doors every chance they get. Almost like a modern day tree-house, the Library consist of protruding, colorful pods that act as a place to retreat with a good book, carry on quiet discussions with groups or a place to just share your thoughts with others. The Pods are made of colored glass filters which spread a rainbow of light throughout the library. With the use of skylights, and the colored glass throughout, the ambience of the library is inviting and exciting for those young and old.

Architect: LOOK Architects


  • TH says:

    That looks great. And it sounds good conceptually, as well. Library isn’t dead, on the contrary. It is still the hub of information and knowledge. The new library building is like a new interface to the collections and the professionals who organise and search those collections (that themselves are often virtual, or virtually accessible, but still concrete, space-taking, fragile, and in need of loving care).

    While still a place for silent meditation, and first and foremost a public personal space, the social aspects of life and new demands for such a meeting place/common living room are changing the requirements for what a good library space should be like. This looks like a good effort to meet those demands.

  • Peder says:

    I like this building. I simply love the consept in having a “extra” roof (which here is represented by [word for the white roof-thing needed]).

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