L’arbre de Flonville

Samuel Wilkinson in collaboration with Swiss designers Oloom created the L’arbre de Flonville. This design is in the form of a metal tree, created to provide shade to those who sit under it on benches which resemble the roots of the metal tree. The tree is located in a public square in the new Flon quarter in Lausanne , Switzerland. The design creates a unique meeting place like days of past where people would meet up at the tree in the town square. The tree’s canopy is made out of larch wood to help to provide shade. At night, both the seating and the canopy are lit up by LED lighting for a brilliant and elegant display of color. The tree is 12 meters tall and expands out to 16 meters.

Designer: Samuel Wilkinson & Oloom [ Via: Dezeen ]


  • Luke says:

    I quite like this idea as the focal point at some parks. Some people might see it as taking over nature though. It looks expensive too but i think the roots/seats look really cool, im into modern concept design and they look really ‘cutting edge’ to me.

  • diggyou says:

    Wow. Loving this for a courtyard in a city or something like that. Design and sculpture meet. Just hope there are real trees left when that is built.

  • Peter Draxler says:

    when do we get our white suits?

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