Smarter Clothing Care Labels

Coming from a fashion design background, I find it surprising 70% of people don’t read the care labels and when they do, it’s usually too late. That’s why something like the clothTag concept might make caring for clothes a lot easier.

Using RFID technology the tags can communicate with RFID enabled washers, dryers, irons, presses, and dry cleaning equipment. Settings are automatically adjusted. You do nothing out of the ordinary. Just load your clothes, add detergent, and shut the lid. The tag itself is cleverly designed to use the RFID circuitry to form the care icons we’re all used to.

Designer: Sangmin Bae


  • Nacon says:

    Not a bad idea except…. I’d still like to move all the tags down to the bottom edge of the shirt instead of at the top, back side of the collar. It make my neck itches…. badly O_o.

    • TH says:

      I suppose it will be up to the manufacturer of the garment to decide where to attach the tag.

      I can see this working (pardon the pun) seamlessly with irons, as you process each piece of clothing individually. However, if you pay no attention to labels and just load your washer, all it can do is to warn you that a there’s a garment that isn’t OK with the settings you’ve chosen, or alternatively wash/dry everything according to the most sensitive item, which isn’t always ideal.

      There’s been a lot of huff and puff about RFID for the last few years,lots of concepts have been flying around regarding retail, food labeling, and now clothes tags, but so far there are few cases where it has been implemented. This is probably due to the fact that even though the tags are rather inexpensive, the technology to read the tags and systems that can use the information are still expensive compared to the benefits.

  • BAnki says:

    Seems useless… Should you make like that? RFID can make smaller even like a dust..

  • Icelander says:

    Seems useless… Should you make like that? RFID can make smaller even like a dust..

    A tag the size of a piece of dust isn’t really useful to people whose washing machines don’t support RFID tags. By making it look like a regular tag, you’re ensuring backwards compatibility.

  • Analgesia says:

    One should also put the color information in the tag, so your can be warned if there are red socks between your white shirts, so the won’t get pink.

  • I like! I’m doing a project right now with RFID, this is very cool.

  • Indiana Joe says:

    Putting the color info in the tag is a good idea. The next step would be to make an automated sorter.

  • Pei-Hua Huang says:

    I have the same idea several months ago. Then I found that a Japanese company already applied this RFID tag system on hospital clothes management.

    I’m just wondering if the antenna would be better is it’s hidden. I mean it looks cool design, but how’s the reading performance? You could just simply hide the antenna and have a great performance in the same time.

    The other thing I thought is the UI of washers. Since the RFID would do most of the job, the washer UI would change a lot from current ones.

  • Je Nguyen says:

    Maybe a hard tag’ll uncomfortable for user, how about if RFID be print on the clothes?

  • BAra says:

    what happens if you put different type of clothing with different care together…what happens then…

  • Eric says:

    Great start to something with real potential! LOVE the idea of putting color info in the tag, must happen. I do see the concern of combined types mixed in the same washing load, but…. Since the washer has to be re-designed anyway, is it possible to just light the screen up with red or green if the garment you’re putting in right now matches the requirements of the first piece of clothing inserted? Seems to me this could be useful for us washing idiots…

  • Noone says:

    You can track person movement due to RFID tag

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