Water Conservation in the Bath

Conserving water is important in today’s world. We waste more water than we should. As relaxing as taking a long, hot bath in deep water is to relieve stress, we must think about the effects that has on our environment. That is why designer Lyndon Craig designed the Peak Bath. The Peak Bath was designed to fit the contour of our bodies while we are sitting in a tub taking a bath. The rise or peak of the tub sits right under or knees where less water is needed. With this type of design, your bathroom will not only be stylish, but also environmentally friendly.

Designer: Lyndon Craig [ Via: TreeHugger ]


  • Tech Narf says:

    All this eco stuff makes me sick, just marketing bs in attempts to sell their product! 🙁

  • xonegon says:

    what about sex in the bath? where’s the ergo. now?:p

    • maseratiguy says:

      You are so right! This is a nice idea, but Lyndon might have never really had the luck to find out, what you can do in a bath tub! And Kay is also right, a true greenie might not wash at all. I rather stay fresh, sexy well shagged and save the environment by avoiding germs!

  • kay says:

    Ha! Because the people who would or could afford to buy this are environment-saving minimalists. Plus the people who want this are going to spend a whole bunch of time, money and energy and have their old tub tossed in a landfill.

    Not a bad idea if you *needed* a new tub, though. Potentially a tripping hazard if you shower as well.

    Though a true environmentalist would just shower. Or have a sponge bath. Or not bathe at all.

  • HarryWind says:

    This energy saver would have cold legs but warm butt.

    And I agree to the problems with making sex in the tub. Only 5% of Kamasutra would be possible… 😉

  • a says:

    Also useful to bath a baby…just using half of the tub. I like it!

  • kuba says:

    never never never..

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