Disposable Soles

Some people like it barefoot, some like house slippers. For those that fall in the latter check out these Disposable Soles by Jun-Soo Choi.  They come in a stand premade sticky. Just step on it and you’re off. Supposedly it’s a good way of maintaining hygiene and protects your feet.

No mention whether it’s a one size fits all type deal but it’s an interesting concept nonetheless.

Designer: Jun-Soo Choi


  • Boneman says:

    I’m looking for this product. I’m living in South Africa. Its a bit harder to find thing here. Anyone please help.

    Its a great idea. I like to walk barefoot and so does my fiance and dirty feet is no plesure!!

  • Footums says:

    you can get something simular on http://www.footums.com

    it’s a dispsable foot pad made for the home which prevents scratches on your wood floors, your feet from getting dirty, and helps clean your floors as you wear them!

    They are an easy on, easy off protective fabric that sticks to the bottom of your shoes, slippers, socks or barefeet. The adhesive only outlines the foot so they don’t feel too sticky

  • jean says:

    so much more sensible than the kotex I stick on my feet at the airport 😉

  • n2 says:

    If you’re in sandals or flip flops they usually let you keep them on…

  • Felicia says:

    Where can I buy these or something similar?

  • Pearl says:

    I want this, where can I buy this, I love being barefoot and thus would fit into my life so very well. Any links, phone numbers webpages anything, this I must have if its real. Anyone little help here please.

    • Egypt Starnes says:

      Been looking for something like for so long and for completely different reasons!!! Where can can these be purchased?

  • Jayne says:

    Where to purchase?

  • Alice says:

    It’s beautiful!I am so love.

  • Pearl says:

    where can this be purchased, is it even available? These would fit me to a T, especially since I love to go barefoot during the summer and then some. Any help would be appreciated, to find where I can order this product. Thanks!

  • James Cunningham says:

    I would like to purchase These disposable foot pads. Where can I buy. Looking to purchase these pads in volume.

    Thank you,


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