Disposable Soles

Some people like it barefoot, some like house slippers. For those that fall in the latter check out these Disposable Soles by Jun-Soo Choi.  They come in a stand premade sticky. Just step on it and you’re off. Supposedly it’s a good way of maintaining hygiene and protects your feet.

No mention whether it’s a one size fits all type deal but it’s an interesting concept nonetheless.

Designer: Jun-Soo Choi



  • Kathryn says:

    I love the idea, I for one love walking around barefoot. Yet I hate it when my feet get dirty. I do wonder about how the size issue is dealt with.

    • steven says:

      My girlfriend and I absolutly love the idea.,she and I love and prefer walking around barefoot,,so we purchased some disposable soles.. She and I have yet to use the ones we bought for ourselves in the house. She and I have gone to a few country concerts and had great lawn seats,we walked around barefoot from the time we got there on grass and pavement untill we went home because we felt comfortable and confident wearing the disposable soles.

      We keep a supply for friends or house guests in our huge walk-in shoe/coat closet because my girlfriend has a “no shoes” , “barefoot” only policy in the house. My girlfriend and I have beautiful hardwood floors (heated in winter) and beautiful soft fluffy carpet in both master suite bedroom and junior suite guest bedrooms. The house is immaculate top to bottom and she/I want to keep it that way. Being barefoot is a wonderful,comfortable, and relaxing feling and as much as my girlfriend and I love,we want our closest friends/house guests to not only feels comfortsable in our house,but we also want them to enjoy and look forward to going barefoot (if they choose to wear the disposable soles that’ s perfectly fine,, but for the most part they’d rather not wear the disposable soles.

  • j-lo says:

    I think this is brilliant for when you are at the airport and have to take your shoes off to go through security. If you aren’t wearing socks that day (you wore sandals, flip-flops) the airport floor is gross! 🙁 These would be a great addition for TSA!

  • Peter says:

    This is the dumbest idea ever. The designer obviously ran out of ideas.

    • Morty says:

      Well, if you live in Japan, it’s not such a dumb idea. I’d love to have this at home.

    • Thoughtless says:

      for the record, peter u arent asian.. so be more open and don’t say what you are…

      we love this idea

  • Watersktech says:

    I can think of some pool and beach bathrooms where I would pay money to see these in a vending machine.

    • Joseph says:

      You should know better than to be walking into any public restroom w/o flip flips, sandals or aqua socks.

      • Gokor says:

        Which is why these would go over well. It’s creating at least a little barrier between you and the tile/concrete/wood floor. Though, watch out for puddles.

  • Massimo says:

    i wonder if your feet are left with a sticky film when you take them off?

  • Tehmark says:

    I’d hate to step on anything sharp with those on. It would be nice to wear around the house though.

  • Sam says:

    I could MAYBE see these being handy at airport security. I for one am not a fan of having to take off my sandals and walk around barefoot, no matter how briefly. I don’t know if I’d enjoy the adhesive any more, though.

  • Jeffcarr says:

    I just wish I had a little brush & water foot washing station in or by my front closet… I don’t mind my feet being dirty outside, but when I go inside, I hate tracking dirt through the carpet to the bathroom.

    I’d build one for my current apartment, but there’s not enough room in the entry.

  • Godawgs7 says:

    these would be great for residential construction sites where they make the workers wear booties to protect the hardwood floors while finishing up work.

  • Sihanouk-s-poodle says:

    These will be hugely popular in Asia. Especially in mosques and wats, where people are expected to remove their shoes.

  • Fthorn says:

    cool. we don’t allow shoes in our house. this will be perfect.

    • Lluis says:

      YES! You are right! With this you you can don’t need to take off your shoes before enter in home (neither your friends)!! Jun-Soo, PLEASE, do it !

  • dcartist says:


    They could become standard equipment at locker rooms, to prevent spread of athlete’s foot from the showers and bathrooms.

    You’ll make millions.

  • Seriously says:

    It’s the same with disposable toilet seat covers. The only thing they protect is your own pathophobia. Unless you’re using something at least as impermeable as latex, you only think you’re protected. Go barefoot a little. It’s good for your immune system and if your house is making your feet dirty, you should mop.

  • Kokodhem says:

    Why? One word answer: bellydancers

    If you ever saw my girl’s feet when she was done dancing at a restaurant, you’d praise all the gods above for these.

  • Dcartist says:

    I think the critics here are totally missing the real place where these belong. I know where these would be VERY useful…

    Showering with these on at the Gym. No more worrying about picking up Athlete’s foot at the gym or at school.

    GOLD’s Gym, are you listening??? Put these out there in the locker room!
    Schools could buy them too for the shower at gym class.

  • Swpoison says:

    As much as people make fun of backwoods people who go everywhere without shoes I’d think this product would be understandable. Obviously there are a group of people (or a market for…) who refuse to wear shoes (add in socks and horseshoes), at least this way their feet are not gross when they walk the two miles to Wal-Mart.

  • Kris says:

    So what is your source for this info? What id someone wants more information on the product? For example on a number of other blogs people are asking whether these might leave the bottom of the foot with sticky residue. Quote your source!

  • Mike says:

    Are these biodegradeable?
    ’cause what the world really needs right now is more mass produced disposable crap.
    Wear socks/shoes or clean your floor – there really are plenty of other (non-disposable) options already out there.

  • PP says:

    It is environment-friendly!!

  • Passer-by says:

    Pretty cool 😀

  • kelly anne says:

    where can i buy them?

  • nikvikon says:

    hi there, nice product. I’d love to own it. Does anyone know if it can be ordered or how to contact the designer?

  • Lolly says:

    looks gr8

  • rick says:

    this idea is good,but there is a question need to settle.how to settle the different size of each one?especially between the large size and small size?

  • xxblahxx says:

    I. Love. This.

  • it's a very good idea

  • it’s a very good idea

  • Tiffany says:

    Very nice idea!

  • sunny says:

    it’s soso

  • I think is a cool idea, I need it for my wife that hate slippers

  • Boneman says:

    I’m looking for this product. I’m living in South Africa. Its a bit harder to find thing here. Anyone please help.

    Its a great idea. I like to walk barefoot and so does my fiance and dirty feet is no plesure!!

  • Footums says:

    you can get something simular on http://www.footums.com

    it’s a dispsable foot pad made for the home which prevents scratches on your wood floors, your feet from getting dirty, and helps clean your floors as you wear them!

    They are an easy on, easy off protective fabric that sticks to the bottom of your shoes, slippers, socks or barefeet. The adhesive only outlines the foot so they don’t feel too sticky

  • jean says:

    so much more sensible than the kotex I stick on my feet at the airport 😉

  • n2 says:

    If you’re in sandals or flip flops they usually let you keep them on…

  • Felicia says:

    Where can I buy these or something similar?

  • Pearl says:

    I want this, where can I buy this, I love being barefoot and thus would fit into my life so very well. Any links, phone numbers webpages anything, this I must have if its real. Anyone little help here please.

    • Egypt Starnes says:

      Been looking for something like for so long and for completely different reasons!!! Where can can these be purchased?

  • Jayne says:

    Where to purchase?

  • Alice says:

    It’s beautiful!I am so love.

  • Pearl says:

    where can this be purchased, is it even available? These would fit me to a T, especially since I love to go barefoot during the summer and then some. Any help would be appreciated, to find where I can order this product. Thanks!

  • James Cunningham says:

    I would like to purchase These disposable foot pads. Where can I buy. Looking to purchase these pads in volume.

    Thank you,


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