Lofu Shoe Review, Crocs It Ain’t

About a month ago I got an email from Designer Stefano Casanova about his new Lofu shoe. At first I was put off by their Crocs-like material but these are some of the most comfortable slip-ons I’ve ever had.

First off, what’s it made of? If you’ve ever tried on Crocs then the Lofu will feel familiar. Both seem to be made out of cellulose foam material; think spongy yet rubbery. It’s extremely lightweight, almost like wearing socks. The added benefits are durability and easy cleaning. I have a white pair and when the recent rain storms left them spotted and muddy, a quick rinse had them sparkling white again. Thats where the similarities between Crocs and Lofu end.

The Lofu is infinitely sportier, trendier, and less likely to illicit finger pointing and laughter from onlookers. There’s a slight Diesel-esque quality about them so they seem to dress well with almost anything. In fact I have them on now with a dark pair of denim jeans and they look great, just like a pair of sneakers. That’s perhaps the best part about the Lofu, utility and comfort like Crocs with a lot more wearability. The inside of the shoe is studded with bumps to keep your foot from sliding about. The treads are also nice and deep so traction thru slippery surfaces are on-par with any other basic sneaker. There are also 2 velcro straps to achieve a better fit but the material lends itself to being very forgiving so no matter how you tighten it, it always feels snug.

Would I recommend it? Yes. The Lofu has become my errand running, laundry doing, grocery shopping, and dog walking companion. They come in a myriad of color combinations and are priced just right to buy more than a single pair.

Designer: Stefano Casanova [ Buy It Here ]


  • John Q says:

    do you wear socks with these?

  • jmran says:

    the link reverts to a site that does not have any lofu products at all. do you know of a UK seller that stocks these ? I have done a search and found one seller but they dont have a black uk size 8 🙁

  • openartist says:

    Now if only it was made out of recyclable materials, then it would be the green Cradle to Cradle (C2C) version of the crocks and totally awesome, but otherwise, not so much.

  • jim S says:

    It seems to me at least that given the cost of EVA “like” materials that this rendition is grossly over priced for what it is…..

  • Hey Stefano

    I’m proud to be selling your design here in Africa. We launch in September in time for our summer!!!

    AWESOME product, thanks man!

    • Stefano Casanova says:

      Hey Phil,
      Thanks for your words and thanks for selling lofu in Africa!!!


  • Andy says:

    Stefano, great job on the shoe! It’s a wonderful mix of utility, technology and fun, but where can I get the green and white combo?

    …What was your inspiration for the design?

  • Stefano Casanova says:

    Hello Andy,
    Iam glad you like my job……
    Unfortunately green and withe was a old combo just for ladies.


  • Girl Japan says:

    I see these picking up in Japan as well, I have an eye out for their Stylish boots which look like patterns from Pucci…

    Great Post

  • Skeese says:

    Just got a pair from Yoox, these have got to be the most practical shoes/slip-ons i’ve ever owned. Got them for only £18 😀 from the sale, definately taking these on holiday with me this coming week!!

    If anyone was wondering, mine are silver with blue accents.

  • Skeese says:

    Stefano, I think you should open a Lofu owners website or forum linking from the online shop, so we can share our thoughts on different colour variations etc.

  • Skeese says:

    i just got back from holiday, i hate to say it but they ripped after 3 days of use (walking mostly). I’m really gutted, hope Stefano can send me another pair free of charge. 🙁

  • Skeese says:

    sure i will send them over 🙂 thanks for responding 🙂

  • chris2046 says:

    My friend bought 1 in Thai. it costs 65HKD.. LOOK nice in real and more sporty.

  • Skeese says:

    Having contacted Lofu and Yoox about my damaged pair, i have got no where, the customer service for Yoox and Lofu (Myriam) seem the same, neither of them want to help me resolve this matter or give me a free pair since i had a defective pair of Shape.


  • Skeese says:

    Oh by the way this is what Myriam from Lofu said to me (how nice of her)..

    [quote]After a long time I’ve been trying to get in contact with someone from Yoox, in order to resolve your problem, they said to me that the customer has to apply JUST TO YOOX in these situations.

    I guess you’re just interested in having your new pair of Lofu shoes for free, not in the way the company (in this case our company) and Yoox will deal on the problem (from a purely economic point of view).

    So please, get in contact with Yoox.

    Kind Regards


  • leovan says:

    WOW, Pretty cool shoes!!! BUT then again so are Crocs and what people need to realise is, is that Crocs are not a STYLE of shoe but the name of a BRAND which actually offers a multitude of different SYTLES some hot and some not. It all depends on what you want to use them for.
    So as for for people pointing, they could actually be pointing at a sytle of Crocs which could be as off the wall as LOFU yet just as much attractive or more and by the way the composition of both are worlds apart!
    Again nice shoes and welcome to the competition!

  • jane says:

    Hi, the sizes for women seem small. I have size 10.5 in Canada which I am assuming is also US. Could you tell me what size in the men's shoes would fit me? Anyone know the answer to this?

  • jane says:

    Hi, the sizes for women seem small. I have size 10.5 in Canada which I am assuming is also US. Could you tell me what size in the men's shoes would fit me? Anyone know the answer to this?

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