Sucky Bag

Active people need unrestricted movement and can’t always carry a backpack. The Octopus BoardBag give them this freedom by employing a small suction cupped bag activated by a lever. The resulting suction is so strong, even hardcore shredders will have a hard time knocking it off.

Use it to for your money, mobile phone, snacks or anything you can shove in it. You can even use it on travel since the suction will stick to any flat surface. Hang it on your bathroom mirror as a functional toiletry bag or inside your school locker.


Lever-operated suction cups – attach and detach in seconds.
100% water tight inner compartment.
Floats if dropped in water.
Works on all flat airtight surfaces, makes it possible to carry your belongings in ways you’ve never done before.
Silicone based rubber cups for all weather conditions.
Inside compartment is lined with foam fabric for added protection.
Neoprene bottom protects your board from being scratched.

Designer: Fredrik Stenstrom