Time Inverted

A clock, as we know it keeps us on track. It helps us to stay focused and accomplish tasks before deadlines. Clocks also help us to get to where we need to go and see how far we have gone. Therefore, clocks are essential to us. Jason Linde has designed a clock that is different than the average clocks we have in our home. Designers throughout the years have all created clocks that were different in design, yet they still bore the resemblance to the traditional clocks way of telling time. Jason, with his Inverted Clock design has taken the design of clocks to a new level. The inverted clock allows the minute/second hand to remain stationary and the numbers are what move. The Inverted Clocks come in a variety of shapes and sizes, and are mounted on a wooden veneered box. The clocks come in hour or both hour and minutes. A neat alternative to the way we tell time.

Designer: Jason Linde [ Via: Coudal ]