Narcissistic Are You?

If you do have a few narcissistic tendencies, that is ok. Now there are new designs in mirrors that encourage a few more glances. The new Narcisse mirrors are designed by many various designers for the French design company, Domestic. These new designs have moved away from the traditional mirror design and have incorporated a better quality and workmanship into them still allowing for a beautiful solid reflection.

Manufacturer: Domestic

I Love Me by Ich&Kar, a tandem of graphic designers who cast an outlandish but qualified gaze on a range of subjects as varied as fashion, gastronomy, music, design and arcchitecture from luxury to consumer goods. Creators of messages and imaginative images turned into visual identity, their aim is to inspire sense with lightness and humour.

Smiling caterpillars, flying space creatures and the occasional body organ that comes to life are just a few of the inhabitants of the private world of Pierre Marie. The modern day dandy works for fashion and in addition, he creates theatre posters and designs books.

Apricot Sunday by Tado, 2 designers based in Sheffield, UK. From their tiny studio they work away very hard, pumping out demented characters and trying their best to make the world a happier place.

Matali Crasset develops new typologies focussing on principles such as modularity, flexibility, generosity and hospitality. Her work, which came to the fore in the nineties as a refusal of pure form, questions our living surroundings to turn them into a space for mobility and experiment.