Move over, PopSocket… The Ohsnap smartphone grip-stand is razor-thin, magnetic, and more versatile

The phone is one of the few devices that isn’t guided by ergonomic proportions, but rather by its display. Look at the grip on a drill-machine, or your gym water bottle, or even your game controller… the reason they aren’t dominated by straight lines is because there isn’t a single straight line on your hand. These grips are designed so that you hold the product securely, without straining your palm or fingers with prolonged use. Now take a look at your phone and its perfectly rectangular design. The edges are straight lines, and sometimes the phone is so big it’s impossible to use entirely with one hand. You almost always need two hands to use your smartphone, which isn’t ideal for multiple reasons… your second hand could be occupied, it could have gloves on, it could even be injured or disabled, or more relevantly, you could just choose to not want to use both hands to hold your phone, lest you cover it with germs.

I’ve never really been an advocate for PopSockets. I’ve always felt they were thick, inelegant, and looked like your phone was wearing a buttplug, but the reason they’re so popular (and why I often cut them some slack) is because they add that missing human-centric element to the phone by making them more grippy, and easy to hold and use with a single hand. I’d even go so far as to excuse their unfortunate design had I not stumbled upon the Ohsnap, which so clearly demonstrates how a smartphone grip-stand can be versatile, easy-to-use, ergonomic, and still be so incredibly sleek it’s barely thicker than your phone’s camera bump… and now with its newly introduced all-metal Luxe variant, be incredibly classy too!

The Ohsnap is a markedly better alternative to those socket and ring-based grip-stands in a whole bunch of ways. At 3mm thick, it’s one of the sleekest stands we’ve seen, and can be deployed with a single hand too. Just slip a finger in and the Ohsnap’s elastic band allows you to hold your phone securely with a single finger. Its universal design makes it compatible with every phone and even with most phone cases (as long as there’s a flat surface to adhere the Ohsnap), and that elastic band works easily with hands of all sizes, allowing you to grip the phone when you need to, and retracting into its 3mm avatar when you don’t. The company even introduced a svelte, better-looking variant of the original OhSnap with a machined metallic exterior to complement your expensive phone. Titled the Luxe, it comes as a $15 upgrade to the standard plastic-body OhSnap – you can head below to read more about it!

Besides, the Ohsnap functions surprisingly well as a stand too. Designed to work in both landscape and portrait formats, the Ohsnap allows you to prop your phone up at multiple angles, so you can consume content without holding your device. The grip-stand is even magnetic, allowing you to snap your phone onto surfaces like your metal cupboard, fridge, or even that car mount with ease. It’s all in the interest of enabling you to use your phone without needing to constantly hold/fumble-with it – a feature that was a convenience a year ago, but may now be more of a standard practice now… and speaking of standard practices, the OhSnap was even designed to be compatible with wireless chargers. With a thickness of 3mm, the grip-stand is thin enough to support most wireless chargers (it may be a stretch if you’re using a case too), but the guys behind the Ohsnap have a better solution with the snapcharge, a wireless charger designed specifically for phones with the Ohsnap. The snapcharge’s unique design fits the Ohsnap like a puzzle piece, allowing you to quickly and magnetically snap your phone to the charger so they align perfectly every time… and the charger works with Airpods too, just in case you’re wondering. The OhSnap still works with all wireless chargers – it’s just better paired with the snapcharge’s dedicated design. If you’re looking for a more desk-friendly setup, Backus and his team even designed the snapstand, a standing dock for the phone and the snapcharge that lets you dock your device at an angle while wirelessly charging it… a setup that’s almost perfect for Zoom calls or Facetime sessions while at your desk or when you’re running low on battery.

Each Ohsnap grip-stand comes with a lifetime warranty too, which makes sense given that phones, apart from being large, glossy, and slippery, are expensive too. The Ohsnap, in that regard, promotes easy and secure one-handed usage, allowing you to browse social media and send texts with just one hand. This means being able to use your phone while lying down without accidentally dropping it on your face, or casually checking your fitness app while holding a turmeric latte in your other hand. More importantly though, the Ohsnap promotes hands-free use too, allowing you to prop your phone up on tables whenever you need to, or magnetically mount it inside your car or on your fridge when your hands are occupied… or when you don’t want to unnecessarily keep touching your phone. Makes sense, right?

Designer: Dale Backus

Click Here to Buy Now: $19. Hurry, only 16/1430 left! Raised over $1,100,000.

Ohsnap Grip: How Smart People Use Smartphones

Ohsnap is a powerful grip, stand, and magnet wrapped inside a super-thin frame, now compatible with snapcharge: their magnetic wireless charger! It makes life with your phone happy, productive, and care-free without the cheap, bulky, or ugly plastic. Ohsnap works for all phones and finger sizes, and is easily adhered to the back of your phone in less than 20 seconds.


Secure, one-handed gripping is quick and easy with the Ohsnap grip. Just slide your finger through the loop. It’s there when you need it, and not when you don’t.


Ohsnap transforms into a multi-angle stand, so whether you’re on Facetime with a friend or taking a break to watch some YouTube, this handy kickstand has you covered. 3-angle kickstand for comfortable streaming, anywhere.


Ohsnap is magnetic, so now multitasking is easier than ever. Gym equipment, fridges, car mounts and more… it sticks to them.

The Ohsnap grip has worked with every wireless charger on which it’s been tested, but they cannot guarantee compatibility with all wireless chargers.

Snapcharge – Magnetic Wireless Charger

Not only did the team take the phone grip to the next level, but they also added to it with the first ever magnetic wireless charger, Snapcharge. Snapcharge uses the Qi charging standard which works with almost all devices including wireless charging enabled phones, Airpods, and more. With snapcharge, you can pick up and use your phone without interrupting the charging process.

Snapcharge sticks to your magnetic car mount for a quick and easy charge, on the go.

In-depth look at Snapcharge

While Snapcharge works with every phone that has wireless charging capabilities, they cannot guarantee wireless charging compatible with all cases.

Ultra Thin

The team engineered the grip to be incredibly thin, at only 3mm.

Won’t get caught on your pants!

360º Rotation

It fully rotates, so you can get the best possible angle that works for your unique gripping style.


The Ohsnap grip is designed with ultra-strength, tear-resistant silicone that is guaranteed to last millions of cycles.


Ohsnap Luxe is the premium version of ohsnap with an aluminum surround instead of plastic. Comes in the 3 colors: Silver, Black, and Rose Gold.

Easy Install

In 3 steps, Ohsnap is attached securely and you’re ready to go.


The Ohsnap grip fits all phones.

Click Here to Buy Now: $19. Hurry, only 16/1430 left! Raised over $1,100,000.