The “Peel Away” Table

The Vetro coffee table was designed to be a unique focal point to any room. Made with a modern feel and bright colors, the table gives the appearance that it has been peeled away from itself to create a storage shelf underneath. Made from semi-transparent layered acrylic with an inlay of chrome around the outer edges, the table will surely bring life to any room. Books or magazines can be stored underneath on the shelf, easily visible from above, without the messiness on top of the table. The scratch resistant Vetro Coffee is designed by Michael Laut.

Designer: Michael Laut


  • This is great! I Would like to have that table, please! Just Beautiful.
    I have a question to Yanko Design that is: I have a blog that I use to collect my favorite things on web…so, is it wrong to use your pictures even if I always put the links to the original site..?

  • shane says:

    how is this made? if you unfold the bottom shelf you can see it’s impossible…

  • xeijix says:

    It’s made out of acrylic! You know, moldable plastic. It doesnt need to be folded, it’s just injection molded that way.

  • Raphael Crespo says:

    Well, it looks really plastic, a thick one. Such a great idea.
    My congrats!

  • Lisa says:

    I love this table and would like to buy, please send me a catalog of prices and other complimenting pieces.

    Lisa Hanson

  • Brennan says:

    Holy caustics rendering batman!

    Actually, I really like the renders, so clean.

    And, I like the table too. Perhaps add an entire room’s worth of complimenting furniture.

    I’m thinking there has to be some cool lamp you can make with the same style…

  • suus says:

    Maybe someone can tell me what this table costs and if it is for sale….

    greetings from holland, Suzanne

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