Wall Cleat

What use is an electrical plug when your not plugged in? Two simple tabs on the ends of a standard cover plate increase its function by providing a place to coil a cord when not in use. Inspired by boat hardware that allows rope and rigging to be quickly secured, the Wall Cleat takes care of all the cords and wires that have cluttered up our lives. Sailers used cleats to deal with a plethora of rope every day. This is a small homage to their ingenuity as well as a necessity. The Wall Cleat fits all standard wall plugs.

Designer: Karl Zahn


  • Erick G says:

    This is nice and well done. wouldn't be great to have one detachable? cuz you can't install it just anywhere, it might be obtruding the way a bit. anyways just my point of view.

    Keep designing for better living 😛

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