Skintile The Electronic Sensing Jewelry

Body adornment that further explores emotional and physiological sensing. It explores a range of functionalities in new product forms that are playful, sensual, mood affected, bio activity stimulated, and arousal enhancing. It is a semi disposable, bio compatible, non-allergenic, breathable, mass customizable, self contained body worn accessory.

Design: Philips Design


  • This looks very interesting, I followed up the philips design site, and they spoke about emotionalizing products, something similar to a project I’m working on, not exactly the same though. The thought behind this project, and my project, remains the same.

    I would like to learn more about this, not just as a student and practitioner of design, but as a consumer also. So if anyone finds additional information, or can giv it to me, I would gladly learn about this product!


    keep up the good work, Yanko- u guys inspire me!!

  • cati says:

    This seems to be part of a series of concept on a new genre of wearables. Concepts are nice but the implementation of such device is another story. Their product description is so vague and can encompass too much to present a concrete idea. I am seeing a lot of description, patent, pictures and story to present this type of ideas but rarely a real product usable and justifying its design rationale. I cannot wait to see the real thing happening!

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