Architects Who Changed the Way We Travel

It’s no secret that beautiful buildings are part of the reason that travelers choose certain destinations, but which modern architects are making the most impact on the travel scene?, the travel site, just released a guide to the top 11 architects who’ve changed the way we travel. It’s also a great way to get a look at some of the best modern architecture that’s coming up soon — from Zaha Hadid’s Guanzhou Opera House to Koolhaas’s Dee & Charles Wyly Theatre in Dallas.

Via: Concierge [ Thanks Allison for the intro! ]


  • Marie says:

    Hi! I’m from Uruguay. I love Ghery’s work (first and second buildings)
    Tks for the beautifull post.
    (sorry but my english is not good)

  • Architect says:

    Great post, the first picture depicts modern architecture at its best .

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