Take Away Sink Saves Water & Space

In domestic environments buckets are used in endless ways – whether it is for cleaning purposes, washing your feet, cooling beer or carrying something. With the “Take-Away Sink” there is no need for an extra bucket that has to be stored and that is often too big for filling it conveniently in an ordinary kitchen sink. Furthermore the possibility of removing the washbasin encourages the saving of water by the re-usage of it.

Designer: Jessica Nebel


  • Daniela Peukert says:

    Hey Jessica,
    wie kann ich mit dir in Kontakt treten? Deine Homepage funktioniert grad nicht.
    Vielleicht können wir nen Artikel über deinen Entwurf schreiben.
    Meld dich mal unter [email protected]
    Liebe Grüße Daniela Peukert

  • ivan says:

    Simple and smart solution! Great aesthetic and attention to detail. Really like the storage/stool underneath. Old meets new… Is that a Starck faucet?

  • caca says:

    really green product. i like it. actually i wanna do sth like this faucet, the idea is same but the ways are different=) anyway thanks for saving our precious WATER!

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