Flo Backpack Looks Like Star Wars Bounty Hunter

The Flo backpack is a modular, ergonomic, and performance strength bag perfect for city trips to all day hikes. The rigid thermofoam bags come in three flavors; the urban day pack, the weekender, and the 5-day trekker – that quickly snap into the universal Flo frame. Made of lightweight molded plastic, the frame features large air channels to maintain breathability and a flexible core for unrestricted mobility.

One question, where does my Nintendo DS and iPod go?

Designer: Ivan Huber



  • bayern says:

    just like a egg~ and future-oriented

  • Manas says:

    looks great I liked it

  • ivan says:

    Thanks for the comments!!!

  • naf says:

    sooooo coooooooooool

  • luciano says:

    i´m not seeing the 2 sizes…

  • Some Guy says:

    Um… so how much is it? I really REALLY need a backpack that can take the abuse I throw at it….. and I sweat a lot too….


  • steve says:

    Please how can i one of those backpack and how much for one of them
    thank you for your time

  • ari says:

    when can we buy them??????

  • chris benjamin says:

    Ditto… love it! How/When can someone buy?

  • grace says:

    how can I get in touch with Ivan?

  • ivanhuber says:

    Hmm… You know I hadn’t thought of that. Good point! Thanks for the comment?

  • Xeno says:

    that is a great design, and I would love to have one, but is it for sale yet ??,
    or will it be produced in the near future ??

    tell me Ivan, do you know more ?

  • Some guy says:

    dude, how much will it cost per bag?..

  • O.K. Ivan everybody wan't to know when where and how much. Do you have an answer. I want to see the prototype.

    What's the manufacturing status? If I can get you a spot for the bag on our show what whould you present? CAD drawings ?

    Get back to me on this.

  • O.K. Ivan everybody wan’t to know when where and how much. Do you have an answer. I want to see the prototype.

    What’s the manufacturing status? If I can get you a spot for the bag on our show what whould you present? CAD drawings ?

    Get back to me on this.

  • William says:

    Please, I wan’t to know when, where and how can i get one of those?

  • Tom says:

    Can I get one with a VT logo?
    You aren’t some russian trying to rip us off?

  • Teresa says:

    where can I buy it

  • Zlati says:

    wanna get one of those! when and how?

  • AG says:


    Only a 1/4 zip on the top?

    What makes it ergonomic? Having the word ergonomic?

    Show more than 2 rendered views.

    No you people, it isn’t for sale. It’s a Student project.

    Give Ivan $20,000 and he can start up production on these backpacks for a price of roughly $300-$400 per pack. I am a professional BP designer, and that is a very fair cost estimate for a bag that is not tried and true, no warranty, and would be extremely heavy. Molded plastic suspension? Ouch. It may even be $500 or $600 per bag. Look at some other innovative, warrantied, and real backpacks on the market.

    • ivan says:


      That is a gasket opening for quick stow items, not a 1/4 zip. The top panel flips up for access to the main compartment.

      The frame has a flexible core that moves with the user, hence the ergonomics.

      The real idea here is Modularity — a universal frame with multiple bags. This is one interpretation of that idea. I also wanted to maximize Breathability by separating the suspension from the bag. The suspension would have a foam overmold for comfort.

      And YES, this is a CONCEPT. The design would obviously change for a production pack that included the conceptual ideas. I’m sure as a designer you understand this AG, but thanks for the rip!

  • Ernie says:

    love the pack bro!

  • Ibanzor says:

    You couldnt create a laptop bag like this could you,like a waterproof hardshell that actually looks good and can protect my macbook pro…

    all the other ones at the moment dont have enough padding, are too heavy, too big or cant carry anything apart from the laptop, and it would need to be waterproof or at least resistant so you can walk in the rain.

  • john says:

    when can i buy

  • jenga says:

    Hey where can i buy this?

  • Wyatt says:

    I really want one of these. Where can I buy one?

  • Claudia says:

    Hey Ivan,
    Do you have it for sale already?
    I really liked this concept 🙂


  • Liv says:

    Where can i buy 1 ?

  • Thomas says:

    Amazing design Ivan, I am interested in buying one of your flo backpacks. Very futuristic, I’d like to get in touch sometime/

  • Thomas says:

    People all over the internet are interested in your backpack Ivan, Ohh. I see they’re just the prototype.

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