Puzzle Tray Helps Children Set Table Setting

The innovative puzzle dinner tray is intended to make children become aware of a correct table setting as early as possible – a simple and amusing way for children to learn. The tray includes a large and a small knife, fork and spoon, as well as a plate and tumbler. The tray is made of melamine and stands firm on non-slip feet.

Designer: Leon Ranmeier [ Manufacturer: RoyalVKB ]


  • Nickolas Titkov says:

    On offsite of Royal VKB is written, the design of Puzzle Dinner Tray was done by Wendy Boudewijns…

    • Yanko Design says:

      You are right, the site does indicate it is designed by Wendy Boudewijins. I sent an e-mail to them to confirm. Thanks for the info!

      • Nickolas Titkov says:

        Already glad to help!

      • Patrick Frey says:

        since a few weeks i search the e-mailaddress from Wendy Boudewijns. i meet her in switzerland in davos. i know, you can’t give me her address because dataprotection. but you can send her my e-mailaddress. i hope, you can do that for me. many, many thanks.
        greetings from switzerland, Patrick

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